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woodworking dust extraction

Open Bag Filters:

The most basic filter available for wood waste is the “open bag filter unit” pictured below. This is an inexpensive solution for small woodworking shops and offers simple collection of waste into bags for later disposal. Open bag filters are suited to machines that produce shavings and small chippings. They range in size from small single bag units to service a single machine, up to a four bag unit that could service a small workshop. There are three standard types of filter media available; Needle felt bags, Cotton bags and Paper cartridges (pictured below) to suit various materials and processes.


Bag House Filters:

Suitable for all types of wood waste, bag house filters differ from an open bag filter by placing the filter media in a metal enclosure. This allows the filter to be sited outside, warm air extracted from the workshop can be ducted back into the building or vented to atmosphere. A shaker mechanism, reverse airflow or reverse jet cleaning can be incorporated for the longer service life of the filter media. The waste can be processed in many ways for collection and disposal, just a few are listed below. These filters are suited to small, medium and large companies as a stand alone solution or part of a complete waste recycling system.




Briquettors compact waste into small pellets and are particularly useful in applications where space is at a premium. The pellets can be used in log wood burners fed by hand or as part of an automated system.


Wood Burners:

Burning your waste is a wise investment and has the potential of eliminating your heating and waste disposal costs. More and more companies reap the rewards of burning their wood waste every year as land fill and scattering techniques are becoming cost prohibitive. The initial investment can typically be returned in as little as two years. The Carbon Trust can offer some financial initiatives or contact us for a free waste analysis.

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