Dust & Fume Extraction Systems


Ducting Express would welcome the opportunity to work with you. We are an experienced team of dust & fume control engineers, with over 100 years of experience working with dust & fume management. We can work with you to design, manufacture & fit the perfect dust & fume control equipment to successfully control dust & fumes in your workplace.

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In some circumstances we can work out your necessary requirements with some photos and some information from yourself. However. if it is required, we will arrange a site visit with you.


Dust & Fume Extraction  Canopy Hood

What are Dust & Fume Extraction Systems?

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) or dust and/or fume extraction is used to remove airborne hazardous substances from within a working environment.

Where appropriate, you may be able to purchase a standard design Dust Extraction Filter Unit.
 These are usually suitable when there is no process modification necessary and the requirements are clear.

Where there are more complex processes taking place, our design engineers will work closely with you to design a bespoke system which factors in various different interdependent factors that lead to effective control.

Why is it necessary to control Dust & Fumes?

As an employer it is your responsibility to ensure that effective measures are taken to control exposure to hazardous substances ensuring good health & safety of your employees. Some diseases take years to develop, just because you have always done a process without any Local Exhaust Ventilation doesn’t mean it is safe.  Exposure to hazardous substances can cause serious risks as follows:

Health Risks:
Lung diseases such as asthma;
Skin disorders such as dermatitis.

Safety Risks:
Slip & trip hazards caused by the build up of dust on surfaces;
Some dusts and fumes are flammable and in some situations can cause fires and even explosions.

What are the regulations?

The government body that is responsible for the enforcement of the regulations for related risks in the work place is the Health and Safety Executive. One of the key aspects of COSHH 2002 (Control of Substances Hazard to Health) regulations is dust and fume exposure. COSHH regulation 9 states that all companies must take steps to prevent, control, maintain and monitor for dust and fume exposure within the working environment.