Plastic Waste Collection Bags

Ducting Express are suppliers of heavy duty plastic waste collection bags. These bags provide an effective solution for the collection of wood waste & dust however, the heavy duty  plastic bags can also be used for many other applications, not just woodworking.

Benefits of heavy duty plastic bags

Plastic dust extractor bags are inexpensive and do a good job of safely removing collected waste. Available in three different sizes, the large plastic bags heavy duty will fit most types of dust extraction filter units. Suitable for extractors in all areas from large industrial working environments to small home workshops. Heavy duty plastic bags are available in the following sizes: 

400mm diameter plastic bags heavy duty - flat size 864mm x 648mm
500mm diameter plastic bags heavy duty - flat size 1346mm x 812mm
600mm diameter plastic bags heavy duty - flat size 1346mm x 965mm

The heavy duty clear plastic bags are made from a transparent material making it easy for you to monitor how full the extractor bags are getting and see what is happening inside. Helping to prevent any unwanted mess caused by overflowing collection bags.

The waste collection bags are pressure tested to ensure they have sufficient strength, they are strong and have a high resistance to punctures. These extra large heavy duty plastic bags are also especially durable due to the use of a double seal, making them sturdier than other single seal dust collection bags. 

Where to use Plastic Waste Collection Bags

Dust can make a mess of any project, surfaces, clog & cause blockages in machinery and most importantly is a health hazard to your workers. It is imperative for industrial sites, production areas, and workshops to have adequate filtration and dust collection equipment in place.
Dust Extraction systems can be expensive to install and unless you’re using the right accessories to go along with them, these dust control measures can go to waste. You can simply make the most of your investments and keep your workplace clean and clear of harmful particles by investing in high-quality dust extraction bags plastic.

Plastic bags are most suited to applications where you’re collecting material like wood shavings, in that gravity pulls these the bottom and tend to stay there.

Still not sure whether dust extraction bags plastic will be suitable for your application please call us on 01455 616 444. A member of our team can answer your questions about delivery costs, times & more information.

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