Ducting Accessories

What Are Ducting Accessories and Why Are They Needed

Ducting accessories are a major component that we can’t build a duct system without. Just like ducting fittings, ducting accessories are an integral part of every ductwork. With their help, we are able to bring better results, improve the qualities and ensure a stable installation. Ducting accessories could be divided into a couple of groups:

  • Instruments
  • Mounting accessories
  • Insulation
  • Sealants
  • Dampers*.

*Dampers on connection points. Not to be confused with ducting dampers, that restrict or release the airflow in ducts.

Instruments show different parameters like airflow, pressure, and quality of the air. They are used to overlook the performance of the ductwork and the filtration system. Different instruments are used to overlook different parameters. They could be mounted directly on the ductwork or on a remote place. A control panel with gauges and monitors can be placed in a convenient location, so they can be regularly checked by personnel.

Mounting accessories are probably the broadest group. There are different ducting accessories used to install duct pipes on various materials. Wooden frames, concrete walls, ceilings, metal grids and so on.

Insulations used on duct pipes can improve the performance of an HVAC system. Such insulation provides better climate control. There are also noise insulations on the market that help limit the noise pollution around commercial-grade systems.

Sealants are used to provide a better connection between duct pipes and other pieces of the ductwork, such as duct fittings and vents. Their job is to limit the amount of air that escapes through gaps in connection points.

Dampers are mostly used on mounting points. The dampers help limit the vibration caused by the flow of air through ducts. Just like noise-cancelling isolation, dampers also provide silent work environment. Another perk of those accessories is that they limit the ware and tare caused by vibrations.

Now that you are familiar with the categories of ducting accessories, let’s talk a bit more about specific products and their applications.

Monitoring Ducting Accessories and Their Use

A key element in maintaining ductwork is to constantly monitor its performance. By doing so we will know for sure when the airflow drops and we can diagnose the problem right away. In commercial systems, one of the most used ducting accessories for monitoring performance is the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) indicators. LEV indicators are mounted directly on ductwork via install kits that consist of a silicon tube and a ducting connector. The job of those LEV indicators is to measure the flow in the LEV. Their range is between 750 and 200Pa.

Besides LEV indicators, there is one more option for monitoring the performance of ductwork. It is far easier to work with because it feeds back easy-to-read information. We are talking about LEV monitors. They are ducting accessories that overlook the airflow in a system. Once installed you just need to set the minimum threshold for the airflow. If there is an arrow on the display accompanied by a green LED, everything is working properly and the work environment is safe. If there is a static “X” on the display with a flashing red LED, it means that there is some kind of malfunction, that needs to be addressed immediately.

*Remember to change the batteries (2xAA) when you do a regular check of the system.

Those are probably the most important ducting accessories because they give you real-time information about the state of your ductwork and provide an option to monitor performance with no hassle.

Vacuum extractions are another category of ducting accessories that come in handy in workshops. They are essentially powerful vacuum cleaners that provide you with a tool to quickly get rid of any wood shavings and dust. Connect them to a 100mm flexible duct directly to your extractor system.

If you need additional information for any kind of ducting accessories you can get in touch with the experienced staff at Ducting Express on 01455 616 444. They will help you choose the proper ducting accessories for your application.

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