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Duct Insulation

We provide a wide array of duct insulation products designed for different purposes. Thermal insulation is necessary for ventilation systems. They restrict and control heat loss. Duct insulation helps lower potential heat loss in ducts that are responsible for transferring warm air. It is, therefore, an environmentally-friendly solution that can also help you reduce expenses. 

Duct insulation products can transport both cool and warm air. Ducts that are designed to transport cool air require an excellent thermal insulation solution that can control colder temperatures in the duct by protecting it from hot air temperatures. When the warmer air in the surrounding heats the cool air the HVAC system loses some of its potential and is not able to function properly. This requires extra energy to keep the duct’s temperature at the desired levels. Duct insulation can prevent this from happening. 

Duct insulation, like duct insulation wrap, can also help in preventing undesired condensation. Condensation can easily accumulate on the ducts’ external parts. Its temperature is usually much lower than the ambient air temperature. When there is high humidity, condensation will occur on the ducts’ outer surface. As a result, water will start dripping and can potentially lead to discolouration of areas like the ceilings or floors. In the long term, this could trigger more dramatic problems like damage to the ducts. 

You can stop condensation from taking place in your ducts by choosing the right duct insulation. It can help maintain the right surface temperature. At Ducting Express, you can choose from different types of duct insulation products depending on your system. We offer oil-faced duct wrap, phenolic foam flexible crocodile strips, or phenolic foam flat strips in different sizes.

Professional Ducting Insulation

In order to provide the maximum level of insulation and support for your ducting system, it’s essential to choose the right ductwork insulation product. We provide three main types of ducting insulation:

Phenolic Foam Flat Strips

This type of duct insulation is predominantly used for providing support for rectangular ductwork. This product offers excellent fire performances and guarantees protection against flame spread. It is also an outstanding choice as a result of its low levels of toxic gas emissions. Phenolic foam is not fibrous and offers the perfect thermal insulation. It is recommended over other products like wood or calcium silicate. Some of its main advantages include:

Resistant to mold, vermin, and chemicals
Resistant to the absorption of moisture
Reduced emissivity
Aluminium foil vapour barrier jacket

Phenolic Foam Flexible Strips

We provide a range of sizes for our phenolic foam flexible strips, also known as Croc Strips. They’re created using high-quality phenolic foam that is in accordance with Class 0, 1, and P Fire Regulations. The strips are easy to fit together and install around ductwork of larger sizes. This type of duct insulation is ideal for commercial applications and industries that demand pure air like food and pharmaceuticals. 

Foil Faced Duct Wrap 

Our foil-faced duct wrap products also provide zero flame spread and extremely low levels of toxic gas emissions. They also have outstanding insulation properties, they’re resistant to moisture absorption and CFC-free. These products are non-fibrous, offer protection against mold, vermin, and chemicals, and a perfect choice for a wide range of industries. 

If you’re unsure about which type of ducting insulation is the right one for your HVAC system or next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our trained and certified team. We’ll be able to answer any questions and help you make the right choice.