• Foil Faced Duct Wrap 25mm

Foil Faced Duct Wrap 25mm

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Product Description

Foil Faced Duct Insulation Wrap

Glass wool duct wrap insulation of 25mm thickness for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ductwork applications.

Size: 18m X 1.2m (24 m²) with a thickness of 25mm.

Material: Glass wool mattress with horizontally orientated glass wool fibers, glued on a reinforced aluminum foil of 20µ thickness.

Colour: Yellow mineral glass wool with reinforced aluminum foil

Mineral glass wool mattress with horizontally orientated glass wool fibers
Reinforced aluminium foil of 20 µ thickness.
Wrapped in polyethylene shrink foil

Heat conductivity of 0.032W/mK at 10°C and volume mass ≥ 24 kg/m³
Vapour diffusion of the aluminium layer of 0.05g/m² in 24h according to DIN53122
Tensile strength of the aluminium layer ≥ 4 kN/m according to ISO 1924/1
Shear of aluminium layer ≥ 200 kPa according to ISO 2758
Application temperatures up to 250°C
Non hygroscopical and non capillary material
Fire resistance class A1 according to NBN S 21-203 and class 1 according to NEN3883

How to install ducting insulation wrap
To be wrapped around ducts and to be finished with aluminium tape.

Benefits of using ducting insulation

• The 25mm ductwork insulation thickness offers a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation
• Easy to install due to the product being lightweight, flexible and easy to cut
• Can be used with both circular and rectangular ductwork

Ductwork insulation to prevent condensation
Condensation can form on your ductwork due to a difference in the temperature of the air travelling through the duct and the temperature outside. This is quite common when you have ducts passing through cold areas like loft spaces. Insulation works because it is very inefficient at transferring heat. By installing insulation to your ductwork, condensation will not form because the warm, moist air will not come into direct contact with the cold ducts.

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