Flexible Extraction Arms

Flexible extraction arms are a great solution for extracting welding smoke, fumes and dust in your workshop. They can be connected to a fan or to an extraction system or filter unit.

Exhaust arms are easy to move and self supporting so can be easily adjusted with one hand during processes, enabling you to capture dusts and fumes at source. Extraction arms are available in various different lengths to suit your workshop. 

Ducting Express is your one-stop shop for Nederman extraction arms, Kemper extraction arms and Plymovent extraction arms. Our team of experienced dust & fume control engineers can advise you which dust extraction arms would be the most suited to your process. 

There are many advantages of using a flexible extraction arm, some of these advantages are: 

  • Extracts from close to source - The exhaust hood should be positioned at a distance of about 30 cm above the weld
  • Rotates 360 degrees - The swivel attachment allows the extraction arms to fully rotate providing maximum flexibility
  • Simple to position - The fully flexible arm moves in all directions which allows for simple positioning with one hand
  • Self-supporting - Allows the arm to stay in position
  • Available in various lengths - Flexible extraction arms are available in lengths from 2 metres to 7 metres
  • Option to add a range of accessories - There are various compatible accessories which can be added to extraction arms, including lighting kits, which offer unlimited possibilities to match the needs of any workplace. 


Welding Extraction Arms

Welding fume extraction should be a key part of any business which undertakes welding activities. Exposure to welding fumes has serious health implications, as an employer, you have an obligation to ensure the health & safety of your employees. The HSE require any business who undertake welding activities to ensure that suitable control measures are in place to reduce exposure to welding fumes.

Welding extraction arms allow for extraction of welding fumes from as close to the source as practically possible. It is important that the welding arms are positioned correctly to remove the fumes from the operatives breathing zone. 

Here are a few tips of how to position a welding extraction arm:

  • Always ensure the fumes are extracted away from the operative breathing zone
  • The extraction hood should always be aligned with the welding seam
  • It should be positioned around 30 centimetres diagonally above the welding point
  • The extraction arm should not obstruct the operatives view of the welding point

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