Ducting Express are partners with Nederman, world leaders in systems for handling dust and fumes. 

Nederman UK products are designed to provide customers with solutions to protect their employees from dust, smoke and fumes. From extraction arms to mobile filter units, we can help you to find the best solution for your workshop.

Benefits of buying Nederman

Founded in 1944, the company became a pioneer in developing solutions for air pollution control inside production facilities, protecting workers health and improving their workplace. Nederman has continued to develop products and systems for a safe, clean and efficient workplace. Today, Nederman has the markets most complete range of products to protect people, planet and products from harmful effects of industrial processes.

Nederman extraction is suitable for use within working environments with:

  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Fumes
  • Vapours

Nederman Extraction Arms

Nederman extraction arms can be used for many different applications. They are highly flexible, and simple to position, extend and retract. Using just a single hand grip, the extraction arms can be easily extended and retracted to as close as practically possible to the source.

With a wide range of accessories available there are unlimited possibilities to match the needs of any workplace. Different attachments are available for wall, roof or extension bracket mounting. For improved efficiency and extra reach, the arms can be combined with a number of accessories such as hoods, dampers and extension arms.  By mounting an extension arm on a rail, it can reach more workstations. 

The Nederman Original welding fume extraction arm is the perfect solution for extracting welding smoke, fumes and dust in workshops. The extractor's patented design ensures optimum fume and dust capturing capacity and maneuverability. The extraction hood has integrated easy-to-reach buttons for lighting and fan control. The extractor is suspended by a swivel, which allows the arm to rotate 360 degrees. This makes the Nederman arm flexible in all directions and very simple to position. The Nederman Original arms are equipped with a damper in the hood as standard. 

The welding fume extraction arms are available in a variety of lengths to suit your workshop:

  • 2m extraction arms;
  • 3m extraction arms;
  • 4m extraction arms;
  • 5m extraction arms.

Nederman mobile filter units

Nederman mobile filters are a practical and cost-effective way to extract dust and fumes within your workplace quickly and easily. The units contain everything you need to extract dust and fumes at source and are available in many sizes and capacities. A mobile unit is best suited when processes take place in multiple locations, these portable extractors are easy to move around.

The first mobile unit is the FilterCart Original. Designed for light welding smoke extraction and filtration applications, this Nederman fume extractor includes one or two extraction arms with the option of arm lengths either 2 or 3 meters long.

The next portable extraction filter is the FilterCart W3. For extraction in light production applications, this mobile filter is ”state of the art” with all possible features and even includes a warning signal when the filter is full. The W3 model fulfills the legislations W3 from BGIA. The specially designed metal hood with integrated spotlight creates maximum air velocity at the welding spot.

The last type of Nederman mobile filter unit available is the FilterCart Carbon mobile filter unit. This unit is specially designed for the extraction of odours. FilterCart Carbon includes Extraction Arm Standard and can be equipped with HEPA filter for maximum efficiency.


  • solvents 
  • fumes 
  • other gas contaminants

Fans for Nederman Extraction Arms 

Nederman N-series fans are an important component in Nederman’s wide range of quality products for fume extraction and filtration. The medium range fans are compact and easy to use and have been designed for use with Nederman extraction products.

For service, repairs and other temporary work, Nederman portable extraction fans are available. Ideal as portable extractors for welding fumes, steam, dust or for providing fresh air during work in confined and enclosed spaces. The compact and easy-to-use fan which, in combination with inlet and outlet connections, makes a flexible and versatile unit with a wide range of applications.

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