Dust Extraction Filter Bags and Filters

Ducting Express stock a wide range of dust extraction filter bags, filters & filter media. 

Depending on your processes or type of extraction filter unit we can supply replacement filter media to suit. 

Multi Pocket Filters - The most common type of filters used in HVAC systems. These dust extractor filter bags are compatible with most types of dust extraction filter units. They are used for the removal of airborne particles.

Synthetic Multi Pocket Filter Bags - These dust extraction bags are made from synthetic micro-fibres. They are designed for use in air filtration. 

Dalamatic - Envelope shape filter bags UK for use with Donaldson Dalamatic Baghouse Dust Collectors. The envelope shape provides greater movement of the bag to dislodge more challenging dust cakes during filter pulsing.

Panel Filters - Pleated Panel Air Filter is a medium efficiency disposable air filter, suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems which require a higher efficiency and greater dust holding capacity than can be achieved with glass or synthetic panels. They are typically used as pre-filters on supply air systems to High Performance Bag Filters, or to protect heating or cooling coils from dust build up which leads to system inefficiency. Another common place to see a G4 Pleated Panel Air Filter is to protect fans in extract systems for office blocks or kitchen extract systems.

Mesh Grease Filters - Designed for use in commercial kitchens and ventilation in catering applications, these filters reduce grease travelling from cooking areas up into extract ducting.

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters - An alternative to mesh grease filters for use in commercial kitchens. These are often used in open kitchens as they offer a more appealing look than galvanised mesh filters, but do require a separate drip tray.

Spray Booth Filter Media - Ducting Express stock two types of spray booth filter media: pleated paper filter media & synthetic filter media. The Binks Bullows Spray Booth Filter is used for commercial spray booths for removing the bulk of wet and dry over spray from within the booth prior to secondary filtration. Synthetic Filter Media should be used as a secondary filter it is designed to capture fine spray to protect ducting and fans prior to air discharge.

Open Bag Filter Media - These dust extraction filter socks are used with open bag type filter units. The 350g polyester bags are usually used in wood waste extraction for standard wood dust and chippings.

Cartridge Filters - For use with various types of cartridge dust extraction filters. Cartridge filters can save up to 40% space in comparison with conventional multi pocket and tubular bag filters.

Plastic Bags - These heavy duty bags provide an inexpensive, effective solution for the safe collection of extracted dust & wood waste.  

Spare Filters for Filter Boxes - For air filtration in ventilation and air conditioning systems, these disposable filters sit inside an inline filter box fitted in your duct run. 

Filter Cartridges for Nederman FilterCart - Cartridge type filters for use with Nederman mobile FilterCarts.

Order your dust extraction filters today 

Filter media plays an important role in your dust extraction system. Not sure what kind of filters you need? The team at Ducting Express are here to help. Contact us for further information today.

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