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Mesh Grease Filters

What are mesh grease filters?

These filters are designed for use in extraction and ventilation in kitchen and catering applications. Their primary role is to reduce grease travelling from the cooking area up into the extract duct.

The grease filtration media consists of layers of crimped knitted wire mesh, usually made from galvanised steel, that is enclosed in an aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel channel frame. The extracted greasy fumes and smells generated from the cooking process are trapped within the layers of mesh.

Handles are usually desirable on commercial mesh grease filters for ease of removal and cleaning, but these are optional. The handles are fitted centrally, normally on the face of the two shortest sides. Drain holes also provide an outlet for grease to drain away from the filter into drain trays and grease traps.

Standard Mesh Grease Filter sizes

The following mesh grease filters are our standard sizes. We generally keep these sizes of aluminium mesh grease filters in stock for quick delivery.

  • 394 x 394 x 45
  • 394 x 495 x 45
  • 495 x 495 x 45

As well as the standard 45mm thickness, mesh grease filters are also available in 20mm thick. 

If you can’t find the size you are looking for on our online store then contact us on 01455 616 444 today. You may need bespoke mesh grease filters made specially for your kitchen canopy.

Benefits of Mesh Grease Filters

  • Very effective at removing grease;
  • Lightweight and easy to remove for cleaning;
  • Can be easily washed in a dishwasher;
  • Low airflow resistance.

When are grease mesh filters used?

Mesh Grease Filters are generally installed in kitchen canopies and extracts above cooking ranges, fryers, and gas hobs as secondary filters in commercial kitchens. These air filters effectively eliminate or greatly reduce grease build up in duct work and on fans in the kitchen extraction system.

Mesh Canopy Filters significantly reduce the frequency of expensive duct cleaning, and offer a level of protection against grease related fire hazards.

Historically, Mesh Grease Filters have been used as primary filters in commercial kitchens, however, according to current standards and guidance these filters should only be used as a primary filter in environments where grease production is low and there are less fire risks i.e. domestic kitchens. It is recommended that Stainless Steel Baffle Filters should be used as they offer a greater barrier to fire and flames. In commercial kitchen applications, the main reason mesh filters are still used are as secondary filters. They have a lower resistance to airflow but are very effective in removing grease from airflow through the ducts.

Cleaning your kitchen canopy filter

It is of crucial importance that commercial kitchen extraction filters are regularly cleaned according to use. Cleaning of mesh grease filters can be done in various ways: steam cleaning; washing in a dishwasher using conventional detergents or cleaners; or using proprietary steeping degreasants, however, strong alkalis such as caustic soda should not be used as these are both dangerous and lead to premature degeneration of the filter. Failure to properly maintain your grease mesh filters will almost certainly result in them becoming a fire hazard.