Stainless Steel Baffle Filter

Ducting Express are suppliers of stainless steel baffle filters, with many standard sizes in stock ready for fast delivery. 

What are stainless steel baffle grease filters?

An alternative to the mesh grease filters, stainless steel baffle filters are the filter of choice for commercial kitchens whose operations cause large amounts of grease to be released into the air. These filters are designed for use in commercial kitchens and ventilation from food preparation areas where their primary function is to reduce flames from travelling from the cooking area up into the extract duct.

While the main function of a baffle filter is to prevent fire hazards and adhere to fire and health & safety regulations, they can also help to reduce utility costs, kitchen cleanliness, and the extract system itself by easing the strain on the fan. They also keep the air properly filtered and sanitised, which results in a cooler kitchen and a healthier breathing environment. In addition, they remove odours created by food preparation that can cause your kitchen to smell.

How do baffle filters work?

Hood baffle grease filters consist of interlocked vanes which provide two-way grease removal. Extracted air that passes through the filter is subjected to a change in velocity and direction, causing the grease to separate from the air and accumulate on the vanes. This grease is drained off through drain holes into a collection or drip tray that must be cleaned on a regular basis. The drip tray required should be correctly sized according to the type of cooking (some foods will create more grease than others) and how often you plan to clean/empty the tray. The tray must not be within the kitchen extract’s air flow so that re-entrainment of grease doesn't occur. 

The stainless steel baffle grease filters should be installed at an angle no less than 45 degrees from horizontal to allow the grease to run from the filter into the collection tray. 

Sizes of baffle grease filters 

The standard sized stainless grease filters can be found in the list below: 

  • H:250mm X W:495mm X D:45mm
  • H:290mm X W:450mm X D:45mm
  • H:394mm X W:394mm X D:45mm
  • H:394mm X W:495mm X D:45mm
  • H:445mm X W:445mm X D:45mm
  • H:490mm X W:285mm X D:45mm
  • H:495mm X W:495mm X D:45mm

If you are looking for a different baffle filter size please give our team a call. Bespoke sized filters can be made to order.  

Please note we usually specify these filters as Height (H) x Width (W). This is particularly important with baffle filters because the handles will always go on the H edge, the blades will always run along the H edge, and the drain holes will always be in the W edge.

Benefits of using grease filters

  • Easy to clean by soaking or dishwasher
  • Fitted with fold down handles, making them easy to remove for cleaning
  • Drain holes allow grease to run from filter to a grease collection tray
  • Because of the stainless steel material they are made from this type of grease filter is very durable 
  • They offer a more attractive look than galvanised mesh filters, but do require a drip tray
  • Rolled safety edges that allow for safer handling and cleaning due to having no sharp edges

As always, if you require any further information before making the choice of which type of filter would be most suited to your application please contact us.

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