Spray Booths

A Spray Booth is an enclosure which is used to extract, and filter, vapours created during the process of spray painting, coating or finishing of equipment. They ensure that your employees and working environment is kept safe.

Ducting Express have a range of dry filter spray booths for sale. These spraybooths are designed to comply with HSG 178 (the spraying of flammable liquids) and European regulations.

Why do I need a spray booth?

Spray painting, coating and finishing create hazardous fumes which can be inhaled by the operator and their surrounding colleagues. This can result in rapid-fatigue and have long term effects on health. Without a spray booth a build up of flammable fumes can create fires and even explosions. By having these fumes safely extracted your employees can work efficiently, without any health risks.

What are the benefits of having a spray paint booth?

A spray booth will create a controlled environment which will ensure that the product finish is of the highest quality.

Spray Booth Filters

We have a range of spray booth filters in both pleated media & glass fibre media. The pleated media are made of cardboard & designed to attract paint. They are best used vertically. The glass fibre media has a high dust-holding capacity for long life. By regularly replacing your spray booth filters, you will prolong the life of your spray booth. You’ll ensure the optimum paint finish and provide cleaner air for the environment, internally and externally.

Do I need to change my spray booth filters?

Yes, we recommend regular changes of your spray booth filters, if they aren’t changed there will be a drop in extraction as they will not allow good airflow. You can purchase spray paint booth filter media from Ducting Express. We recommend that you keep these as consumables, ready to change as soon as needed to reduce downtime.

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