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We now stock a large range of Kemper welding extraction products in the UK

Flexible extraction arms – Mobile welding filter units – Replacement filter media

Please note that due to high demand deliveries are currently taking a little longer than usual, we aim to send all standard stock items out within 3-5 working days, but this could take longer.

We appreciate your understanding and apologies for any delays you may experience.

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Ducting Express Team

Ducting Express is a supply hub for everything you need for purifying the air in your workshop or workplace. We can provide every piece of the puzzle you might need in order to get the results you seek. As a supplier with this much experience in the niche, we cover a vast diversity of the products available on the market. We can source the complete array of ventilation ducting. So, whether you are looking for a solution for the ducts at your home, want to upgrade the system at your workshop, or want industrial-scale equipment, Ducting Express is at your disposal.

Plastic ducting, perfect for low-pressure fume extraction systems. Plastic ducting also has substantial resistance to chemicals, it’s lightweight and cheap. Those criteria make it a go-to choice for many customers that seek a budget-friendly solution. Especially with CPVC ducting, which has thinner walls and is even lighter and cheaper. Rectangular flat ducting elements are also available. Those are ideal for a built-in system, often integrated into the floors. 

Flexible ducting is another item that we sell on a daily basis. Its value shines most in tight spaces with lots of turns. Instead of thinking about all the connections you might need with a more sturdy and permanent ducting, flexible ducting is capable of just flex around corners and other obstacles on its way.

Metal ducting, commonly known as rigid or hard ducts are another item on our list. Preferred for commercial-grade HVAC systems, which are designed as a permanent solution under heavy extensive use. Another option in this category is galvanized ducts (aluminium and spiral ducting), which is praised as one of the longest-lasting options. Metal ducting requires precise design and calculations, but they pay in return with indulgence.

It is not only ducting, of course. You can also find different filters, extraction fans, mounting accessories and complete pollutant extraction systems, all neatly categorised in our catalogue.

All the ducting supplies you need in one place!

All of the ducting supplies to build up your system are a few clicks away. You still have to connect that ducting pipe to the other end of the system and have something to support it in place or bend it around the curves and corners. No matter which size you choose, 150mm ducting, 125mm ducting or 100mm ducting, you can order any fittings, accessories and mounting brackets along with it. Diaphragm valve kits, as well as, LEV indicators and differential pressure gauges, control panels, you name it. We often have items on sale as well. For customers that are on a budget, that option might make a huge difference. It also helps customers in need of cheap spare parts, so check the page on a regular basis. Your much-needed item might just be waiting for you there.

Click through the site’s menu to find all of the items in stock. If you have any questions give us a call. The professionals on the phone will advise you on your ducting supplies.

Your one-stop place for extractor fan ducting and fume extraction systems

Some people don’t need a grand HVAC system ducting. They just want to clear the air in their workshops so they can do their jobs well, or simply enjoy their hobbies. You are also at the right place, fellow creators. At Ducting Express you can find extractor fan ducting and industrial extractor fans. Combining those two elements gives you the opportunity to design a system that will quickly refresh the air in your workspace with the push of a few buttons (which are also available, of course).

Woodworkers will be happy to know that wood dust extraction systems are in stock. Top that with a downdraft table and you will finally have a dust-free workshop. Wood dust is not only annoying while sticking to your clothes and tools, but it can also be harmful to your health. Investing in a dust extraction system is not an unnecessary expense. As a matter of fact, it is highly advisable if you are working in a heavily dusted area.

Complete and ready to use dust extraction systems have their own category so feel free to take a look. But what is a workshop without a welding machine? The toxic fumes, bi-product of welding, will be quickly blown away by a quality fume extraction system. The fumes that evaporate from rods while welding could be very harmful and pose a serious health threat. This is why it is best to keep them away, through your extractor fan ducting. As you can see, we thought about everybody.

Whatever the system is, the experts at Ducting Express are a phone call away. Reach us at 01455 616 444 or via the contact form on our website. Our team of specialists will consult you about the most suitable solutions for your specific case and will share the different options you have. When it comes to ducting, we are the go-to choice for you!

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