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Cartridge Filters

Ducting Express are suppliers of equivalent replacement dust cartridge filters for a wide range of dust extraction units.

What are cartridge dust filters?

Dust extraction cartridge filter units are a type of dust extractor that uses pleated filters that are usually round or oval in shape. These units can house a large amount of filter media within a small area. Due to the high levels of filtration that can be achieved by the use of cartridges this allows for a more compact unit design that requires less floor space, but can still achieve high filtration levels. Therefore, cartridge units are sometimes chosen when a customer needs a smaller, more compact dust collector due to space restrictions. This type of dust extractor is suitable for use with many applications including; weld fumes extraction and wood dust extraction

Properties and Benefits of cartridge dust collector filters

  • These filters capture dust or fumes on their outside surface. With a construction made from pleated material, the cartridges provide a greater surface area for filtration.
  • The number of filter cartridges is far less than the equivalent bag type solution.
  • Much like their bag filter counterpart, dust collector cartridge filters are available in various finishes to suit your application. 
  • Cartridge filters are compact and easy to fit.
  • Suitable for many types dust cartridge filters including; Donaldson DCE, Airmaster, Mahle and WAM 

How are industrial cartridge filters cleaned?

Maintenance of conventional shaker type filters can be a lengthy, dirty and complex procedure. There are also health & safety issues that must be considered in order to keep your Workplace Exposure Levels in line with HSE guidelines. Cartridge filters offer a much faster, cleaner and simpler solution.

Cleaning of air cartridge filters is carried out by means of compressed air injection. Pulses of compressed air travel through the filters in the opposite direction that the dirty air goes.  These pulses blow clean air at the cartridges dust and particles, dislodging the dust held on the cartridge which then drops into collection bins below. This process takes place on a continuous basis with a run-on-timer.

When should I replace my cartridge air filters?

Although, compressed air pulse cleaning keeps cartridge filters working efficiently. Eventually, the filters will have accumulated so much dust that they won’t let air flow through them anymore. Nevertheless, depending on the application, you can expect several months to a year or more of filter life. 

Slowed-down airflow is measured as differential pressure. This measures the change in pressure across the filters when the pulse cleaning operates. When the differential pressure gets too high, the industrial cartridge filters have reached the end of their functional life and will need to be replaced.

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