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Ducting Express are partners with Kemper, a leader in the field of welding fume extraction. We choose our products and our partners carefully to ensure that we can deliver the best quality products as well as the best advice to our customers.

With over 40 years of experience, Kemper innovations in filter devices and extraction equipment are geared to the needs of customers and regularly exceed the specified legal requirements. This means that we can have confidence in the products that we stock and that we are able to offer products that help to protect our customers and keep them compliant. Kemper UK aims to provide its customers with absolute legal certainty for occupational safety & environmental requirements for the users of its products.

Kemper Extraction Arms 

The purpose of a fume extraction arm is to remove fumes from an operatives breathing zone. With exhaust arms, the flexibility allows the operator to easily position the capture hood as close as practically possible to the source, ensuring the fumes are extracted. The Kemper extraction arms are designed for continuous use and are suitable for high levels of fume, smoke and dust such as welding fumes, gases, vapours, light dusts or motor vehicle exhaust fumes. 

Kemper exhaust arms can be connected to fans, stationary devices or connected via duct work as part of an extraction system. They are available in lengths from 1.5m to 6m and can be easily moved into the desired position within range. 

When connecting to a fan, Kemper extraction fans have been specially designed for use with flexible extraction arms. They are most suited to venting or ventilation wherever filtering the air is not important. Due to the cast silumin housing, the fans are particularly quiet and spark-proof.  

Kemper ProfiMaster

The ProfiMaster is a robust smoke extraction filter unit. They are suitable for occasional to frequent use with low to medium amounts of dust. Mobile filter units are best suited when welding takes place in multiple locations, these portable welding fume extractors are easy to move around.

The mobile Kemper fume extractors are designed to encapsulate a two-stage filter system allowing for longer filter life due to a pre-filter and 17m² main filter. When needed, the high capacity disposable filters are easily changed. 

The rotating and swivelling exhaust hood enables use in a 360-degree radius and ensures only few adjustments during welding without any restrictions. Comfortable adjustment of the self-supporting exhaust arm into every desired position with only one hand.

Kemper Extraction Tables

Extraction tables are used exclusively for fixed workspaces. These tables have integrated extraction that leads the fumes away from the workplace. The extraction takes place over the surface area of the table so there is no need to adjust the extraction point. Depending on the application, Kemper offers various extraction tables to suit your process. 

The Kemper grinding table with downdraft and rear wall spark and air fume extraction is a clean and safe solution for industrial use. The grinding table can be connected to a central  extraction system and the table is available in different sizes. The sound-insulated side walls can be folded away when machining large workpieces.

Welding Tables from Kemper are the ideal solution for welders for connecting small metal steel parts by hand. A slag tray allows for easy cleaning of the welding table. The extraction is carried out by means of a fan that is mounted externally on the table.

If you would like to find the right Kemper extraction products then please get in touch. We can provide dust & fume extraction products and expertise including the supply & installation of equipment. Please contact us for further information today. 

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