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Acoustic Foam Sheeting

Are you looking for a reliable, tested, budget-friendly, and durable solution for noise reduction, thermal insulation, padding and anti-vibration? Our acoustic foam sheets are just what you need! They come in a range of sizes and are suitable for different applications. Our acoustic foam panels are perfect for both amateur and professional music fans and enthusiasts. These products are created to improve your listening experience and improve it acoustically. 

We provide a range of acoustic foam flat sheet options of the highest quality that will dramatically reduce noise vibration, rebounds, and echoing problems in any space. Some of the most common types of rooms that our clients use acoustic foam sheets include recording studios, home theatres, music rooms, workshops, cinemas, gyms, and others. There are several different sizes available, including 6mm thick, 12mm thick, 25 and 50 mm thick acoustic foam sheets. 

All acoustic foam sheeting products that you see on our website are Class 0 accredited for fire retardancy and are 100% inert and safe to use in a range of applications. They’re also extremely easy and simple to cut, shape, and bend during fitting and installation. In other words, you don’t need to be an expert or use any professional equipment and to successfully fit our acoustic foam panels in the desired space. 

Some of the advantages of using our acoustic foam sheets include:

  • High resistance to fire
  • Low smoke emission
  • High resistance to air erosion
  • Reduces vibrations
  • Excellent acoustic properties

We offer our clients a product of the highest standards but you’ll notice that our prices are extremely affordable. We want to make sure that all of our solutions are accessible to all and that our prices are not a factor that will prevent you from enjoying our added value.

Acoustic sheets: benefits and why you need them

Are you wondering whether you need acoustic sheets in the first place? Undesired noise can seriously disrupt and affect your everyday lifestyle and routine. It can lead to increased stress, it can have a negative influence on your health and wellbeing, and can cause undesired consequences like headaches, lack of energy, and demotivation. Furthermore, unwanted noise is also a reason for high blood pressure, lack of concentration, and disturbed sleeping cycles.

Although you may not always be in full control of the noise around your working or living space, luckily there’s an easy and affordable solution - acoustic sheets. You can insulate the room or specific space to prevent any undesired noises from a nearby loud environment from reaching you. This can be done in an instant with our economical acoustic soundproofing foam panels available in our catalogue. 

By using our efficient and reliable acoustic sheets, you can enjoy a dramatic reduction of unhealthy and annoying decibels. You can simply order them online and take advantage of quick delivery to your address. You can select the thickness that will work best for you. The acoustic sheets are a popular choice for a range of applications including industrial, domestic, and commercial cases.

If this is your first time considering buying acoustic sheets, there’s no need to stress or worry. Our experts are available to help you make the right decision by supporting you with all the necessary information and guidance on your purchase. All you have to do is reach out to us and let us help with the rest. We’re always available to answer your questions and help you complete your order. Enjoy the calm and noise-free environment that you deserve and focus on your priority tasks undisturbed. Call us for help or make your order online directly from our website.

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