Plastic Waste Extraction

Plastic Waste Dust Extraction System

Ducting Express were contacted by a landscape and construction products manufacturing company. The customer was looking for a solution which would remove heavy particles of plastic from their manufacturing process so that it could then be recycled to make garden furniture and other recycled plastic products.

Following the initial enquiry one of our experienced design engineers visited site to meet with the customer to discuss their requirements, gather information about their processes and take measurements to enable us to design an industrial dust extractor.

With the information from our site visit our engineer proposed a Ducting Express type 25M auto shaker main dust extraction unit fitted with 2 large capacity waste collection bins and bin balance system to enable the customer to collect the waste in heavy duty plastic waste collection bags. The dust extraction system was to be located on the outside of the building as agreed with the customer and designed with dust extraction ducting which travels into the building to extract points at five separate machines.

Once the plastic separation system was agreed our team of skilled installation engineers visited site to install the system and, on completion the extraction system was then tested by our commission engineer who issued a full COSHH LEV certification for the system.

Manual dampers were installed to allow any point not being used to be closed off.

Auto Shaker Dust Extraction Filter Unit

The Auto shaker dust extraction filter is designed to automatically clean the filter media each time the filter is powered down. An advantage of this type of system are in that there is longevity of the filter media.

Auto Shaker Dust Extraction Filter

The dust extraction filter is controlled via an automated electrical control panel.

Dust Extraction Control Panel

The main fan is 11kw with an extraction volume of 8000 M3h was required to ensure the heavy plastic particles are conveyed through the duct work system at approximately 25M/S.

Dust Extraction Particles

The installed dust extraction unit successfully extracts the heavy particles of plastic from their manufacturing process. Since the original installation of this dust extraction system we have even modified the collection bins to larger size circular bins due to the volume of product being extracted.

Dust Extraction Collection Bins

If you are looking for a similar solution or have questions about how we could help with extraction in your workshop today please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team of knowledgeable design engineers would be happy to help you find the perfect solution.

Plastic Waste Extraction Systen with twin bins


Twin Bin Dust Extraction System