Paper Shredder Dust Extraction System

Ducting Express were contacted by a paper shredding company to quote for a new dust extraction system at their premises. The customer got in contact following a recommendation from another one of our customers, after a successful installation at their site. 

The customer was facing issues with a build up of dust within their main factory and required an extraction system to control the dust, in line with the HSE’s Workplace Exposure Limits and COSHH regulations. The dust problem can be visibly seen in the photos below.

pre-install Conveyor pre-install

Following the initial enquiry, our design engineer arranged to visit the site to meet with the customer to discuss their requirements and conduct a site survey, allowing us to design a proposed solution.

Ducting Express’s solution

Based on the information collected during our site survey we proposed to supply & install a new dust extraction system which would remove the dust produced by the shredders, bailer & the conveyor system in the customers main factory.

Extraction system layout

The new dust extraction system would comprise of a new dust extraction filter that would be sited externally between a secondary shredder and the main bailer. From the filter inlet galvanised steel ductwork will connect into a total of 3 extraction points.

The Dust Extraction System Installation

Our experienced team of fitters installed the system over the space of a week. 

The dust extraction filter installed was one of our DE80M auto shaker models with 2 x 15kW main extraction fans, this filter is a compact unit with the motors located within the top section of the main filter unit and then encompassed by an acoustic silencer to reduce output noise. The unit is ATEX 22 compliant with the explosion panels located to the rear of the filter unit. The unit has a fully automated electrical control panel which is located in an adjacent room with emergency stop buttons at various points around the building. 

Dust Extraction Unit

Once the dust has been extracted into the main dust extraction filter it is then simply collected in heavy duty plastic bags located within the two steel waste bins at the bottom of the filter. The bins can then be easily uncliped from the main filter and slid forward allowing a cable tie to be placed around the plastic bags to seal, enabling safe removal of the dust and minimising the contamination risk to personnel carrying out this task. 

The three extraction points were installed in the following locations:

1) One High level canopy with curtaining above the mobile shredder.
2) One high level extraction hood will be installed to the rear of the secondary shredder feed hopper.
3) One high level extraction point will be installed to the top of the bailer feed hopper.

Curtained canopy hood

We added additional pvc curtain strips to the shredder dust extraction capture hood (as you can see from the photo above). This serves two purposes; firstly to help contain any airborne dust particles within this enclosure and secondary to enable manual loading of the shredder hopper.

A pneumatic blast gate damper was installed at high level to enable the customer to add a future either/or extraction point on to this system should their requirements change. 

Vacuum extraction points were installed throughout the system to further aid with house keeping. This allows personel to safely vacuum any dust on a regular basis and keep the whole area clean & tidy. 

On completion of the installation LEV commissioning was carried out to provide the customer with COSHH LEV certification for the system.

The customer now has a system that will serve them well for years to come.

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