Airwatch: The New air monitoring system by KEMPER

Kemper AirWatch

We know for a fact that pollutants in the air can cause severe health risks to us. The industry developed many tools which limit the harsh effects of air pollutants on us. Dust extractors, air filtration systems, RPEs and more. All of those pieces of equipment are mandatory in today’s working environment, depending on the specific requirements for the performed work. But what all those have in common is that we either wear them at all times or use them after we notice that the level of pollutants in the air has risen. Wearing RPE equipment at all times can be limiting, keeping a dust extractor on when there is no obvious reason can lead to noise pollution, which is also dangerous and will boost our bills up. If only there was a device that can report to us the pollution levels in the air, some kind of air quality monitoring system that can be easily used by all the employees working in the area.

Airwatch, Air Pollution Monitor by Kemper UK

The latest product by Kemper is exactly what we need, an indoor air quality monitor that can be easily seen by the workers present around it, and by the managing staff far away. How is that even possible, you may ask. Well, Airwatch collects data for the air quality, it measures the amounts of dust in a given volume and sends a report back to a cloud. This cloud could be reached remotely from any device given access to it. You can be on a business trip and monitor the pollution levels inside your production facility directly on your mobile phone, PC or tablet.

For those, near the device, an LED traffic light visualization will display the state of the air.

  • Green ​- Everything is within the limits, set before by professionals.
  • Yellow ​- You might want to turn on some or all of the dust extractors in the facility.
  • Red ​- The pollutants in the air are above the set parameters and you should turn on the dust extractor and leave the room for a while.

This is a simple and effective notification method, easy to understand by everybody.

Air Pollution Monitor That Can Engage Other Devices

Airwatch is an air quality monitoring device that can interact with other devices within the same system. For instance, if you have a ​kemper dust extractor ​in your facility and you have enabled the cloud option for your air pollution monitoring system the monitoring device can send a signal to the dust extractor to engage and start purifying the air.

Conscious Air Quality Monitoring

It’s easy to get caught up with work and stop paying attention to your surroundings. With the traffic light signalisation integrated into the Kemper UK dust monitor, it is easy for others to notice that the air quality in your space of work is getting poor and notify you to turn on the dust extractor on your workbench. It gives one more tool for the co-workers to keep each other safe and keep the dangers around them in check.

How Does This Air Pollution Monitor Works

The device is using an optical, laser-operated measuring method. It is constantly measuring, not only the number of particles in the air but even their size. This air pollution monitoring system can measure ultra-small dust particles, which are smaller than 0.3 microns. The device also classifies the captured particles as ​PM2.5 ​for common dust and ​PM10 ​for all inhalable specks of dust. Those are standards set by ​WHO ​and all commercial facilities must be able to acknowledge the presence of fine dust within their premises. Clients can set personalised thresholds for the alarms, specific for their production process and expected pollutants.

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