Clipped Ducting Guide

Clipped Ducting

This edition of our series of ducting guides focuses on clipped ducting which is a system that is easy to put together and removed as it is fixed together with a series of quick-release clamps.

What is clipped ducting?

Clipped ducting is a type of metal ducting that has a rolled or turned out edge at each end in order that one piece can be securely clamped to the next with the use of quick-release ducting clamps.

Designed to provide a smoother internal bore & simple assembly, it saves time on installation & makes replacing parts simple. This ducting can be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes & replacing worn parts. The use of the quick clamps reduces leakage, this results in improved airflow.

Clipped Ducting

What are the advantages of clipped ducting?

Clipped ducting has many advantages over standard spiral ducting. These include:

  • It can be installed quickly – estimates are that installation & downtime is reduced by 45% when compared to standard installations
  • It is extremely easy to install – you just need to be able to use a clip!
  • It fits most applications & can be fitted onto or adapted into existing systems making it extremely versatile
  • It can be used again & again – if your business needs change, if you have to redesign your production processes or if you are moving, clipped ducting can be quickly dismantled & reassembled
  • There will be fewer leaks & better airflow – the smooth, slipped-together seams will prevent snagging & the clips with rubber gaskets prevent leaks

Clipped Ducting

What are the different names for clipped ducting?

Clipped ducting has a number of different names. These names all mean the same thing & are often just differences in how people describe the same thing. Clipped Ducting & our Express Duct Clipped Ducting is sometimes referred to as:

  • Quick fit ducting
  • Quick release ducting
  • Turned out ducting
  • Clamp together duct
  • QF ducting
  • Quick disconnect ducting
  • Quick clamp ducting
  • Quick connect ducting
  • Quick assembly ducting
  • Modular ducting
  • Clipped edge ducting
  • Rolled edge ducting

Although our ducting does not have a rolled edge, this is an industry name that is used. Technically, our ducting has a turned-out edge.

How do you fit clipped ducting together?

The beauty of clipped ducting is that it is easy to fit together. You simply clip two pieces of ducting together using a quick release clamp. The only thing to mention is that, as clamps are designed to provide a tight seal, they require some pressure to close. By pre-streching the duct clamp around the rolled edges of a single piece of pipe, you’ll be able to close it easier once two pieces have been connected.

It is easy to install clipped ducting?

Yes. It’s a simple process. Ideally, you would lay out your ducting on the floor below where it will hang, clip the ducting together and support it using brackets.

How do you disconnect clipped ducting?

Disconnecting clipped ducting is simple. It is clamped together using ducting clamps. These clamps can be unclipped & slid off. Ducting can then be removed.

How to support clipped ducting

It is important to support any kind of ducting with the correct bracketry. Typically this will be done with split clips or suspension clips. These enable ducting to be hung from the ceiling or wall.

How to clamp clipped ducting

Clipped ducting is clamped together with quick release clips. These enable an air-tight join between the two pieces of ducting.

Clipped Ducting

Where can clipped ducting be used?

Clipped ducting can be used anywhere that spiral ducting is currently being used or considered but its quick assembly & removal mean that it is even more cost-effective where systems need to be cleaned or where a business anticipates that it may move premises in the future.

Clipped ducting is ideally suited for most applications & industries including:

  • Joinery wood waste extraction systems and the conveying of powders
  • Waste products
  • Particle & fume extraction
  • Food industry
  • Chemicals industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Plastic production & processing
  • Recycling industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry

Please ensure this product is suitable for its intended use prior to ordering, a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this product. Give a member of our team a call today.

What are Ducting Clips

Ducting o-rings or clipped ducting clamps are clips with a rubber gasket inside. These help to secure pieces of ducting together & to create a smooth seal & ensure that the airflow through the duct is not impeded.

Clipped Ducting

Is clipped ducting cheaper than regular spiral ducting?

The cost of purchasing clipped ducting can be more than the cost of purchasing spiral ducting but savings are made when the ducting is installed & these are compounded as the ducting is cleaned or changed over time. Clipped ducting is extremely versatile & can be fixed together much quicker than standard spiral ducting & so a lot more can be installed in the same time. Investigating & cleaning clipped ducting is extremely easy as the ducting can simply be unclipped. In addition, modifications to the system layout can be made quickly. Finally, if the business is to move premises, clipped ducting systems can be easily dismantled & reassembled at the new premises.

How do I adjust the length of clipped ducting?

The length of clipped ducting can be adjusted using slip joint ducts. These are useful to fill short distances. If the area you are running your ducting does not fit a piece of ducting exactly, the ducting can be cut and a a slip duct can be placed over the cut section. Typically, you would cut the end of the duct that is pointing away from the air flow (ie at the end that the air is moving to). A gasket & a slip duct can then be placed over the duct & fitted to the next piece of ducting.