Duckting vs Ducting – Which is the correct spelling in the UK

One of the most popular words that you’ll probably come across when it comes to airflow systems is “ducting”. However, if you’ve done some digging into the topic, you may have discovered that this is not the only version of the word people are using to search online. You may also have noticed “duckting” as an alternative spelling. 

Duckting or Ducting – which one is the right version of the word in the UK?

The proper spelling of the word is “ducting”. It is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “a system of tubes or pipes that carry air, gas, liquid, or wires, especially in and out of buildings”. 

Why is it important to know the proper version of the spelling?

The main reason is to ensure that the information you’re reading is relevant & has an attention to detail. If you’ve found resources that use the word ‘duckting’ this might be a red flag that they don’t know much about the industry.

When choosing a company to buy ducting products from, it makes sense to select wisely and make sure the company is legitimate. 

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Further Information

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