Flexible Ducting – Types, Benefits and Application

flexible ducting

What is Flexible Ducting

Flexible ducting is a type of ducting pipe that could easily be bent in different angles. This product is made out of flexible materials like polyurethane (PU) and PVC, often with a steel spiral wire to provide even more flexibility. Some products have aluminium insulation layers and even fibreglass insulation added (insulated ducting), like the flexible acoustic ducting. There are many options on the market to fit the needs of production processes and other applications.

Types and Sizes

Let’s look at the types of flexible ducting available on the market and in what sizes can we find them.

Types of flexible ducting:

  • Polyurethane (PU);
  • Aluminium flexible;
  • Aluminium insulated ducting;
  • Acoustic;
  • Rectangular PVC;
  • Semi flex;
  • Combi flex;
  • High temperature silicone;
  • Wyrem flex;
  • Metal;
  • Vacuum hose;
  • Replacement welding arm flex;
  • Car exhaust extraction ducting.

There are various types of polyurethane flexible ducting hose. The polyurethane duct is available in a variety of duties, from lightweight to heavy-duty. Where applications require, antistatic and food-grade ducting are also on the market. Both are available in diameters from 50mm to 300mm.

Aluminium flex ducting could be bought in sizes from 80mm to 500mm in diameter. That is for both options, standard and insulated ducting. The acoustic flexible ducting sizes range from 80mm to 400mm in diameter.

Rectangular flex options are available in two sizes, 110x54mm and 204x60mm. Semi-flex size ranges from 80mm to 250mm. Unlike the combi flex, which has a bigger size range from 80mm to 500mm, and is sold in a standard 6m length.

The temperature resistant options are sold in sizes from 32mm all the way up to 305mm in diameter and 4 meter long pieces. You can easily tell it apart from other products thanks to its bright red colour. Which actually serve as a warning sign for workers that there is a hot mixture flowing through the hose.

Another robust and durable flex is the Wyrem hose. Available in sizes from 100mm to 300mm diameter in a standard length of 6 meters.

Metal flex has a size range from 82 to 203mm in diameter and is sold per meter, with a maximum available length being 20 meters. The only flexible hose with a smaller diameter is the vacuum hose, which is available in sizes from 25mm to 50mm, again sold by the meter.

As a replacement duct for your flexible extraction arms, 160mm diameter welding arm flex is available. Sold in 6-meter lengths, this can be easily cut to size to fit the length of your extract arm.

Last but not least, car exhaust ducting pipes come with a size range from 75mm to 150mm and available in two lengths – five and ten-meter pieces.

With all of the above flexible ducting, these are just standard sizes which we usually hold in stock. If you require another size for your specific project, make sure to contact us.

Benefits of using Flexible Ducting

The number one benefit of using those products is their flexibility. The hoses could be fitted inside walls and within other equipment. Like the extraction arm flex, cooker hood extraction and many more. The properties of antistatic and food grade options are almost impossible to replicate with other ducting products. Most flexible duct hoses can also withstand integral pressure levels, that will simply rip other products in half. It is important to mention to our team the amount of pressure in your system so that we can recommend an optimal solution.


Flexible ducting is used heavily in the manufacturing industries. Welding operations use flex duct hoses for fume extraction systems. Dyno shops use car exhaust extraction ducting to keep the CO2 levels in the shop in check. Even the food industry is benefiting of such products, mostly used to transport ingredients from one production line to others. Or be integrated into production machines and robots.

The antistatic qualities of some of the flexible ducting products make them ideal for transporting flammable gases. Those same products are used in dust extraction systems where combustible dust particles are being extracted to prevent the danger of ignition through electrostatic charges.

Semi flex is often used in kitchen extracts due to its ability to withstand higher temperatures than some other types of flexible ducting.

The flexible ducting category is probably one of the largest ones. It can easily trick an inexperienced man into buying the wrong product, or at least not the most suitable one. Don’t worry. If you are in doubt, call our helpful professionals at 01455 616444. We can give you valuable tips to help you with selecting the best option. Above that, we can make sure to source the needed materials for you and ship them to your location.