How to Fit a Blast Gate Damper onto Clipped Ducting

How to Fit a Blast Gate Damper onto Clipped Ducting

In this guide you will learn how to fit a blast gate damper onto clipped ducting. Read more or watch the video.

How do you fit blast gates to clipped ducting?

Clipped ducting can be useful in a range of environments. Our Express Duct is modular & can fit all types of accessories including blast gate dampers and pneumatic blast gate dampers.

Start with the damper & unscrew the nuts & bolts that will attach it to the duct. Attach the blast gate damper slip duct to the straight duct and fasten tightly using a quick clip, ensuring that the turned-out edge is in the seal. 

This is done by taking a quick clip & stretching it open a couple of times to loosen it. Then both the slip duct & the ducting will be joined together by fitting their turned-out edges within the seal.

Once the ducting is joined, attach the remaining nuts and bolts to the blast gate and tighten. Before finishing, make sure that the blade moves freely in the slot.

We have prepared a video of this which should make the process easier & show how simple it is to fit different items together. This video forms part of a series on clipped ducting so that installers can quickly assemble different pieces within the Express Duct range.

The great thing about Express Duct clipped ducting is that it’s easy to install, it has a smooth internal finish, it can be easily adapted to existing systems, it doesn’t need rivets, screws or welding & it can be quickly dismantled or accessed for cleaning.

Further Information

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