How to Connect Spiral Ducting to Clipped Ducting

How to Connect Spiral Ducting to Clipped Ducting

In this guide you will learn how do you connect spiral ducting to clipped ducting. Read more or watch the video.

How do you connect spiral ducting to clipped ducting?

Express Duct clipped ducting has many advantages in that it is modular & easy to assemble & clean. Customers are choosing to add clipped ducting to existing spiral ducting systems where they want to expand their current ducting runs or replace parts of their ducting system but not the whole. 

Converting & connecting spiral ducting to clipped ducting is a simple process:

First, take an express duct spiral adapter & put a bead of silicone around inside the end of the spiral duct that you are attaching the clipped ducting to.

Insert the adapter into the spiral & drill self-tapping screws into the adapter through the spiral duct, leaving enough of a space for the ducting clip to be attached at the end.

Once that’s done, the spiral ducting can be clipped to a length of clipped ducting or to any clipped ducting accessories.

We have prepared a video of this which should make the process easier & show how simple it is to fit different items together. This video forms part of a series on clipped ducting so that installers can quickly assemble different pieces within the Express Duct range.

The great thing about Express Duct clipped ducting is that it’s easy to install, it has a smooth internal finish, it can be easily adapted to existing systems, it doesn’t need rivets, screws or welding & it can be quickly dismantled or accessed for cleaning.

Further Information

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