How to fit an LEV Indicator

How to fit an LEV Indicator

LEV airflow indicators are designed to provide information about the way extraction systems are working. Without them, there is no quick and easy way to determine whether the system is working properly. Airflow indicators are perhaps the easiest, quickest, and most affordable way to determine whether LEV systems are functioning correctly: other methods, like dust lamps, smoke tracers & anemometers take more time to test & can involve taking apart or gaining access to the LEV system. The LEV indicator, on the other hand, enables a quick visual inspection to be made without any extra equipment being required.

How to Install an LEV Indicator

In order to successfully install the pressure gauge or LEV airflow indicator, you’ll need the following items:

  • A drill
  • A 6mm drill bit
  • LEV gauge (comes with the product)
  • Tubing (comes with the product)
  • Screws

First, drill a small hole with a 6mm drill bit into the duct. This will enable the LEV gauge to detect the airflow. The tube that attaches to the LEV indicator will go into this hole. Once the hole is created, the next step is to attach the LEV airflow indicator to the duct. For this purpose, you’ll need a couple of self-drill screws. When you complete this step, attach the tubing to the duct & indicator. When putting in the tubing into the duct and to the monitor, make sure that the indication arrow is facing the right way. If you require a visual guide, we’ve created a video at the top of this page.

Prior to installing the LEV gauge you will need to know that the duct you are connecting the LEV gauge to has sufficient airflow to ensure the system is working correctly, this information would normally be provided within your LEV report or by the LEV Engineer at the time of testing.

When the airflow indicator is safely attached to the duct, take the screen off. There’s a green sticker that you’ll see that can be fixed into the gauge, you can put the green indicator in to let you know the pressure in the duct and that the duct is functioning to its full potential, just like it should. 

The air pressure gauge is a useful visual indicator to any operator. It gives a visual indication that the extraction is functioning properly. The installation process is simple and easy. 

What is an LEV Indicator?

An LEV indicator is a visual aid which can be quickly and easily fitted to your system. It measures the airflow and is a visual aid to ensure your system is working correctly . LEV Indicators come in different types, shapes, sizes and are often known by different names. Depending on the person or company you are speaking to they can be referred to as indicators, gauges or monitors.

Further Information

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