How to install a Chevron LEV Monitor

How to install a Chevron LEV Monitor

In this guide you will learn what is a LEV chevron monitor, what you will need to install a chevron LEV monitor and what will the chevron LEV monitor display.

What is an LEV Chevron Monitor?

An LEV Chevron Monitor is a type of LEV indicator. The Health & Safety Executive recommends that airflow indicators should be fitted to all Industrial Ventilation, or Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems. Most airflow indicators are just pressure gauges. The Chevron Monitor is a highly visual, highly visible indicator that is easy to install & calibrate & that will give a visual representation of the direction of airflow as well as whether the airflow is sufficient to pull air at a high enough extraction speed.

With suitable airflow, chevrons move along the screen. When there is a problem, a cross-marker appears & a red light flashes to give a clear indication that attention is required.

What You Will Need to Install a Chevron LEV Monitor

The Chevron LEV monitor comes with all of the parts required to attach it to your system. You will need a drill with a 6mm bit so that you can drill a hole in the duct in order for the indicator to sense the airflow.

The first step is to attach the strapping that attaches the monitor to the ducting. Thread the strapping through the indicator & into the tab that will tighten the strap.

Next, put the monitor into position & tighten the strap. If you have a pre-drilled hole already, put the rubber plug provided into the hole & attach the tube to the rubber plug & the monitor. 

Once the system is installed and running, use the magnet to calibrate. Simply hold the magnet to the right of the LED hole, approximately 10mm to the right of the LED, until the LED illuminates continuously. When this happens, move the magnet away from the Chevron and wait until the LED starts to flash. Once more, hold the magnet in the above position until the LED illuminates continuously. Now take the magnet away again.

What Will the Chevron LEV Monitor Display?

The display will either show you an X to indicate that your system is not performing as it should or an arrow to indicate that everything is working properly and the system is performing well.

Prior to installing the LEV monitor you will need to know that the duct you are connecting the LEV monitor to has sufficient airflow to ensure the system is working correctly, this information would normally be provided within your LEV report or by the LEV Engineer at the time of testing. 

The monitor can be installed both on a suitable surface or on the duct. You can also use alternative methods like banding, self-tapping screws, nuts, and bolts. This monitor is lightweight, weighing only 130g. 

Further Information

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