How to Install a Split Clip for Ductwork

Fitting a split clip is a bit like building lego or Ikea furniture: there are lots of fiddly bits but it’s not as hard as it looks. We’ve prepared some installation instructions & a video to make the process as simple as possible.

In order to undertake the installation you will need:

All of these items are available in our Slotted Channel & Fixings section.

Installation Process

Take an M10 rod & add a nut to it. Then take a top plate, & add it to the rod, followed by a channel nut on the top so that it can tuck inside the slotted channel. Tighten the nut to the top plate using a spanner.

Repeat this process with another rod but before you tighten the nut to the top plate, add the top half or the split clip & adjust the position of the rods so that it fits correctly in between the two rods. Once it is in the position you want, you can then tighten the nut to the top plate.

Now add the bottom part of the split clip to one of the rods & put a nut on the top. Then, add on your ducting, cover the ducting with the bottom half of the split clip. Ensure there are nuts on both rods to hold the split clips in place & tighten them to the split clip.

We have prepared a video of this which should make the process easier. We have a number of videos explaining how to do a range of ducting tasks on our YouTube channel. If you’d like to recommend any topics for us to create new videos for, please let us know. 

Further Information

If you have any questions about ducting, split clips or ducting design & installation, give Ducting Express a call at 01455 616 444. We have a stock of over 40,000 items & are happy to help you get your installation right. A member of our experienced team can provide you with further information suited to your workshop’s requirements.