Nordfab Quick Fit Ducting Warehouse

Nordfab warehouse

Ducting Express are partners with Nordfab, makers of quick fit, clipped ducting. We have recently made a significant investment in a new 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse and in the largest range of Nordfab ducting stock in the UK.

Why did we decide to invest in a new warehouse?

We have made this investment because one of the critical elements that our customers look for is the availability of stock. We want to be in a position to service our customers in as timely a fashion as possible, it’s in our name! Our existing 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse just wasn’t big enough to house such a large range of Nordfab clipped duct work along side the thousands of other items we keep in stock. Our aim is to become a distribution hub for Nordfab ducting and to service the increasing market.

What is Quick Fit Ducting?

Nordfab ducting is sometimes called Quick-Fit® or Quick Release ducting because it is quick to install, saving downtime by reducing installation times. It can be used on new & existing ducting systems. It is an extremely popular product worldwide and is gaining in popularity in the UK. Nordfab ducting can be installed in a fraction of the time without having to find people with masses of experience & it can be taken out, cleaned & moved extremely easily too. The duct system is made from galvanised steel with plasma-welded seams, which have a smoother internal surface and leak resistance.

Nordfab Stock

What are the benefits of Nordfab Quick-Fit® ducting?

Quick release ducting has a number of benefits over other types of ducting. These include:

  • It’s easy to install – Nordfab ducting can be simply clipped together. The component parts have a rolled edge which means that it can be clipped with a barrel clamp. Nordfab’s clamps have a gasket inside them. This seals the joint tightly preventing leaks. In addition, no special tools are required & the ducting does not need painting.
  • It can be installed quickly – as no screws, rivets or welding are needed, installation takes typically half that of a more traditional ducting installation.
  • It fits most systems –  Nordfab’s ducting has been used in most industries where industrial air cleaning or process ventilation systems are required.
  • It can be reused – if you’re moving facilities and relocating your machinery, your ducting can be unclipped and removed too. It can be taken down without risk of damage, saving money.
  • It’s easy to clean – because it’s simple to install, it’s also easy to remove in order to clean.
  • It’s unlikely to leak – in addition to the gaskets inside the clamps that seal the ducting, the seams of Nordfab’s ducting are plasma welded. This means that they have smoother internal surfaces & their leak resistance is greatly enhanced when compared to other types of ducting.

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