Spiral Ducting – Types, Benefits and Application

spiral ducting

What is Spiral Ducting

Spiral ducting is rigid, spirally wound, steel ducting pipe. Spiral ducts are round pipes mostly used in HVAC systems

Types and Sizes

There are two main types of spiral ducting. These can be categorised by the material that they are made from. Each are more suited for different applications so it is important to learn the differences between the two.

  • Galvanised steel spiral ducting – This is the most common type of spiral duct. It is a light-weight, cost-effective option. Galvanised steel ducting has a zinc coating which prevents rust from forming, allowing it to be installed outside as well as inside.
  • Stainless steel spiral ducting – Spiral ducts made out of stainless steel are usually used for special requirements. For example, where galvanised steel spiral would corrode due to exposure to certain chemicals. The reason is the high resistance of stainless steel to harsh chemicals and corrosion.

Spiral ducts are sold in diameters from 80mm all the way up to 1600mm, and some spiral ducting manufacturers can even extend that to the astonishing 2200mm. The standard length of spiral is usually 3m, some duct. The thickness of the galvanised steel could be anywhere between 0.4 to 3mm.

*The most used sizes are from 80mm to 710mm.

Benefits of using Spiral Ducting

The round spiral wound ducting provides an airflow with almost no drag and resistance. Usually, round ducting pipes are preferred for air transportation. What makes spiral ducting unique is that they are lightweight. This does not compensate on the rigidness and strength of the pipe. As a matter of fact, it makes galvanised spiral ducting ideal for long duct runs. First, it cuts costs from purchasing spiral ducting supplies, because there is less material used in the manufacturing process, those duct pipes are usually cheaper. The second savings come from the less amount of supporting accessories needed to install a spiral ducting system. Again, because of their lightweight, those duct pipes can span longer distances without the need for support.


Spiral ducting is used to transport large volumes of air from one point to another. It is a common choice of ducting product for ventilation systems. You might not need a spiral wound ducting ventilation system in your home, but commercial use is on a different level. Office buildings, factories, workshops, pools, commercial kitchens, retail outlets and many more. All of those commercial premises often have a ventilation system made with spiral ducting. Those ventilation pipes are often installed on the outside, so it is a good thing that the materials used are strong and resistant to harsh environments and corrosion.

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