Vortice Extractor Fan – Meaning, Benefits and Application

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What is Vortice Extractor Fan

Vortice is a manufacturer of air handling products. They operate in 90 countries through their own network or local salesmen. The UK branch of the company “Vortice UK Ltd” was established in 1977 and it is based in Burton on Trent.

The company is largely known on the market with their vortice extractor fan solutions for domestic use, although they manufacture products for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. However, most people have seen the logo of Vortice on their bathroom extractor fans and quickly make the connection with it when they hear about the brand.

A common option are the in-line vortice extractor tube fans. Those products are available in the following diameters and their corresponding volumes:

  • 100mm – Volume: 235 m3/h;
  • 125mm – Volume: 360 m3/h;
  • 150mm – Volume: 500 m3/h;
  • 200mm – Volume: 700 m3/h;
  • 250mm – Volume: 920 m3/h;
  • 315mm – Volume: 1100 m3/h.

The volume is measured in m3/h – cubic meter per hour.

Benefits of using Vortice Extractor Fan

Vortice is a well-known name in the niche. Their products are well established on the market and there is a reason for that. The Vortice extractor fans are silent, well made and outperforming a lot of their competitors. The vortice bathroom extractor fans that we offer are even made from self-extinguishing VO plastic. On top of that, they are waterproofed. This is quite important for a bathroom extractor fan, considering it will suck damp air out of the room and it will be passing right through it. Not to mention that they are often installed in damp areas as well. Most of the products on the market have some levels of water protection, but not many of them are made out of a self-extinguishing material.

In addition to those benefits, the vortice extractor fans come with a long-lasting ball bearing. This ensures quiet and troubleless work of the fan. The ball bearing is rated for 30,000 hours of continuous work in silence without compromises in performance. And the fan itself can operate in temperatures from -25°C to +55°C.

The vortice in-line extractor fans offered in our shop come with mounting brackets. The zinc-coated steel brackets are resistant to harsh conditions and will hold the vortice bathroom extractor fan in place without loosing up or breaking because of corrosion.

You can also add a speed controller to your vortice extractor fan and choose from three different speed setting of the motor. This can bring down the already low levels of energy consumption even lower.


The vortice extractor fans are suitable for all sectors, commercial, domestic and industrial. The different diameters can cover the needs of large laundry rooms, shared bathrooms and other damp facilities. The extractor fans are usually mounted above the ceiling on a solid surface, where they can be mounted with the provided brackets. The suction end of the fan is connected to an outlet inside the room. The exhaust side of the fan is connected to a vent on the outside of the building. The most used product for those connections is flexible ducting pipes. Keep the ducting pipes as straight as possible to further limit noise pollution. If installed correctly the vortice bathroom extractor fans are extremely quiet.

If you need any additional help to choose the correct extractor fan for your bathroom or laundry room don’t hesitate to contact our trained support staff at 01455 616444. They will help you choose the right fan and all the ducts, vents and speed controller if you choose this option. Not only will they help you in choosing the products, but they can also arrange the shipment as well.