What is a Jubilee Clip? What are The Jubilee Clip Sizes for Ducting?

jubilee clamp

While building any pressurised system, no doubt, you will need to connect two hoses or attach them to a different type of fitting. It is a key moment because if you use a method that does not provide you with a solid seal and sturdy connection, the pressure within the system will pop that connection out in time. Usually, while the hoses are brand new they tend to stretch over fittings and stick there, thanks to the elasticity of the rubber in them. With ducts, sadly, you can’t rely on that. And even if you are dealing with rubber hoses, in time the rubber will lose its elasticity and will pop right out of the fitting.

In the automobile industry, the most used way of securing those connections is via Jubilee clips. Those clips are made out of steel strips or band and screw housings. Tightening the screw in the screw housing pulls the steel strip making it squeeze around the house and keep it in place for good. Whenever the connection weakens, all you need to do is give it a couple of more screws and if that does not help, it might be time to change the hose.

Just like the fuel lines and the water coolant systems in the cars, the HVAC systems work under pressure. They need to push cold/warm air in and out of the room in order to keep the temperature comfortable for you, and that happens thanks to the pressure provided by the fans. Indeed, HVAC and exhaust system builders rarely use rubber hoses, however, Jubilee clips are as much effective and needed, if not even more. Jubilee clamps in climate control systems and exhaust/fume extraction systems are used to secure flexible ducts in place and are often called duct clamps. In some cases, they can even be used as ducting support brackets to secure steel ducts in place as ducting fixings, at least until a better solution is provided.

Note: The name Jubilee clips comes from their England based manufacturer – “Jubilee Clips” in Kent. They were established in 1921 and are a well-known brand here in the UK. In fact, their product “hose clamps” are called Jubilee clips in many other places of the world as well.

What are Jubilee clips made out of

Those clamps are made out of strong steel, in fact, three types of steel are being used for their production.

  • Mild;
  • 304 Stainless;
  • 316 Stainless (HNSS).

Those materials are extremely strong and durable. They can withstand the external forces quite well, and even deal with heat and corrosion (stainless).

What sizes of Jubilee clips are available

Thanks to the many different applications of this product, it is safe to say that you can find them in any size you might think of. From the smallest of sizes that you might use to connect your car’s windscreen wipers, to extra large jubilee clips.

In ductworks, there are a couple of standards. You can find the proper size of duct clamp correlating with all of them.

General Jubilee clip sizes of duct clips:

  • 110mm;
  • 135mm;
  • 180mm;
  • 215mm;
  • 270mm;
  • 325mm;
  • 525mm;
  • 660mm.

In ducting, you would rarely need a smaller duct clamp then 110mm. However, even if you do, you can simply unscrew one ducting clip and cut as much as you need from the steel band. Re-installing the screw housing afterwards. This will leave you with a “custom” length ducting bracket. You can even buy a 30-meter roll of strangling band from our shop to screw separate items and cut as much as you need from it for your specific situation.

If any questions arise, regarding where and how you can or should use ducting clamps, you can get in contact with our customer support at 01455 616444. They will guide you through the process of choosing the right products for your systems, fans, filters, structural support, sealants, anything you might need.