Where to position a welding extraction arm

Welding Fume Extraction

The purpose of a fume extraction arm is to remove the fumes from the operatives breathing zone therefore should always be positioned to ensure all fumes are extracted as close as practically possible to the source and away from the operative

In order to be safe at work, it is important that welding arms are positioned correctly. One should not be tempted to forget to move extraction arms into the correct position before undertaking a given part of the process.

How to position a welding extraction arm

Here are a few pointers:

  • Always ensure the fumes are extracted away from the operative breathing zone
  • The extraction hood should always be aligned with the welding seam
  • It should be positioned around 30 centimetres diagonally above the welding point
  • It should not obstruct the view of the welding point

It should be possible to position a welding extraction arm correctly without obstructing the welder’s work. Indeed, this needs to be given some consideration because if the extraction arm can’t be easily tracked and it hinders work then it will not be used and this will store up all kinds of problems for the future.

Here are some common errors:

  • The extraction arm is not tracked to ensure that welding fumes are captured rather than being inhaled
  • The extraction arm is positioned too far away from the source of the fumes – this mean that it won’t work as effectively
  • The hood is above the welder’s head meaning that the welder will breathe the fumes before the extraction unit can remove them

Hoods and arms

Some hoods come with lights in them in order to encourage their use (the working environment is better illuminated. They should all be designed for easy movement according to ISO 15012-4, which provides health and safety regulations in welding and allied processes.

Further information

It is always worth getting advice before installing welding extraction arms as the safety of your workforce is paramount. In this regard, we would welcome you to call us or advise you to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before installing these arms.

Please feel free to call us or to chat online if you would like any further information on welding hoods & extraction arms.