90 Degree Bend

A range of 90 degree bend options

We offer many 90 degree bend options with a variety of diameters to fit any duct run. The product provides secure and strong connections between different components of a duct system. The main benefits of using a 90 degree bend is their easy to assemble male ends which simply fit into the female ends of spiral ducting or flexible hose. If your application requires you to join two bends together, a female connection piece will be required. Just seal & fasten with duct sealant and self drilling screws. Our standard 90 degree bends are made from galvanised steel with stainless steel options available.

You can benefit from:

  • 80mm 90 degree bends
  • 100mm ducting 90 degree bend
  • 125mm diameter 90 degree bend
  • 150mm 90 degree bend
  • And many more.

All bends from 80mm dia to 200mm diameter are pressed with anything from 224mm diameter upwards being fabricated/segmented.

What is the purpose of a 90 degree bend?

The ducting 90 degree elbow or circular spiral ducting fitting was created for the purpose of supporting air movement in air conditioning and ventilation systems. The design of the 90 degree bend duct offers a higher level of flexibility and makes its installation quick and easy. The main responsibility of a 90 degrees bend or elbow is to alter the direction of flow in the system. It connects two pieces of pipes that share the same diameter at a certain angle. The availability of different diameters and sizes make our 90 degrees bend suitable for different projects and systems.

All of our 90-degree bend duct options are created using exceptional materials that are resistant and durable. By using our products, you will enjoy long-term solutions that don’t require constant maintenance and upgrades. Our team of professionals are available to help with any questions you may have about installation processes, technical details, or others.

High-quality Ducting 90-degree Elbow Solutions

A ducting 90-degree elbow is easy to install and provides excellent performance in terms of airtightness and durability. It’s easy to assemble due to the fact that the male fittings simply fit into the ducting without any effort. You can secure it with screws or rivets. Our 90 degree bends have a radius that is 1x the diameter.

You can use our ducting 90-degree elbow options comfortably for your ventilation system, kitchen extractor fans, bathroom fan, or other areas. They are suited to use within a long ductwork run for different reasons like full house ventilation, passive stack vent, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, heat recovery systems, and more. Overall, our 90-degree bend options are a perfect choice for any building, where an outstanding airflow performance is a priority.

We specialise in providing different ducting solutions and have years of experience in the field. If you’re unsure about which product to choose, we invite you to get in touch with us and receive free and professional guidance and advice. Rely on us for providing a top-notch, industry-grade solution that will help you achieve satisfactory results with your next project.

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