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Circular Sound Attenuators

What are circular sound attenuators?

Sound attenuators, also known as silencers, are used to decrease the sound produced and transmitted in ventilation ductwork. Sometimes these products are referred to as sound trap, mufflers, or acoustic attenuators. Sound attenuators in HVAC or ventilation ductwork are usually placed near noise-generating areas. These are usually things like fans and air handling units, airflow generators, air dampers, and fire dampers. The beauty of acoustic attenuators is that they are visually appealing, meaning that they can conveniently be placed in visible areas. 

What creates noise in the ductwork?

You may be wondering what causes the noise in the ductwork in the first place and why you may need sound attenuators. As air travels from one area to another, it produces noise. Sound is also generated as the air travels via straight ducts or separate components like branches, mixing boxes, bends, and more. This creates the need to lower the noise in the ventilation system, which demands sound attenuators. They help with the maintenance of the right acoustic parameters in the space. For example, a sleeping room, a library room, or a working space would require comfort and low noise levels. 

Noise may also appear as a result of poorly insulated fan mountings or other improperly working components in the system. 

How are sound attenuators installed?

The installation process would vary depending on the type of attenuator used. As they’re a fundamental part of every ventilation system, they’re created to support the system in producing lower amounts of noise. They’re most popularly installed between fans and the diffusing or exhaust fan and before the air diffusers. It’s ideal to install them behind fans and flow regulators. 

There are three main types of sound attenuators and circular sound attenuators are among the most preferred ones. 

A wide range of attenuators in ductwork

If you’re looking for reliable attenuators in ductwork, you’ve come to the right place. We provide a range of high-quality circular duct sound attenuators that come in different sizes, making them a suitable option for any project. Take advantage of sizes like 100 x 600, 125 x 600, 250 x 600, 500 x 600, and more. Our products are created with an external galvanised duct system. The inner casing is created using perforated sheet steel, while the cavity is filled with mineral wool that absorbs the sound. 

Generally speaking, circular ventilation sound attenuators are predominantly used in circular ductwork for noise reduction. They’re made using spiral ducts (SIL, SIBL, SIBOL, SIRL, SIBROL) or plain ducts for the outer duct and perforated steel sheet for the inner tube. You can find a layer of non-combustible mineral wool or a layer of sound attenuation in between the two walls. Polyester covers the mineral wool and perforated steel also helps to prevent the mineral wool from entering the ducting and causing problems in the long term. 

You can mount circular silencers using self-drilling screws or rivets. The duct sound attenuators with a diameter larger than 315mm are created with female ends. In order to connect ducts to them, you’ll need male couplings. For diameters larger in size, attenuators in ductwork can be supported with a central baffle or pod. 

We’re available to help you make the right choice or to understand ventilation sound attenuators in more detail. Simply get in touch with us and ask any questions that you may have. We’ll provide professional guidance and support that will help you properly install sound attenuators and make your ducting solution less noisy and more convenient. We work with experienced and trained professionals who are fully available to help our clients. 

Further Information

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