Concentric Reducer

Enjoy our vast range of concentric reducers with dimensions and options suitable for every type of project. Choose from our reducer cone sizes that vary from 76mm to 50mm and 900mm to 800mm. We have over 40,000 items in stock & aim to be ready to give you what you need for your project.

Concentric reducers are designed for ventilation & extraction ducts. They’re a simple piece of metalwork that has been designed to be used as a duct adapter with the aim of changing the diameters of a duct system. They can either reduce or increase the diameters and are either pressed or fabricated. Products that are with a diameter of 355mm or more are fabricated, while those with a diameter of up to 315mm are pressed reducers. 

All concentric reducers have a cone shape with a centre line positioned between the two diameters at the centre. We provide some of the most affordable and high-quality concentric reducers on the market delivering durability & reliability.

A reliable ducting reducer solution

A ducting reducer has can affect your airflows and noise levels. However, this will be different for every system as it depends on the type of ducting that has been designed and installed. Some of the factors that will determine whether your round duct reducer can influence airflow and noise levels include the fan’s duty, the place where the reducer is positioned, and more. 

A negative change in the diameter of the duct reducer can result in higher noise levels and increased resistance. You will notice that our catalogue includes a vast range of ducting reducer sizes. One of the most popular choices is a 150mm to 100m reducer. 

If you’re having doubts about what size ducting reducer to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and request support. Our trained and qualified experts are available to help by answering any questions that you may have.

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