Blast Gate Dampers

Discover our range of blast gate dampers with optional galvanised or stainless steel blades and choose the one that is suitable for your project.

What is a blast gate damper?
Blast gate dampers are an essential part of dust extraction systems that are responsible for eliminating powder, fumes, wood, plastic, and dust from any interior space. A blast gate damper falls in the category of gate valves and has two main responsibilities - to maintain an appropriate airflow and to close extraction points if necessary. They control the airflow from one machine to another. In case ducts need to be shut off to ensure an increase of airflow to another machine - blast game dampers can make it happen. All you need is a simple thumbscrew to lock the moving blade in an open or closed position, which makes them extremely easy to use.

The benefits of blast gate dampers
Blast gate dampers can completely shut off the system’s branches and can increase efficiency dramatically. They’re easy to install in a system that is already functioning but they can also be added during the design phase of the system. The blast gate damper design is nothing complex and is robust. Blast gate dampers allow the damper blade to move seamlessly and then help to hold it into position through the use of an integral thumb-operated duct screw. Their simplicity is what allows them to be a part of an existing system or a new one. Their design also guarantees that they don’t need much maintenance as they’re easy to install and remove to allow cleaning.

Where are blast gate dampers used?
A blast gate damper is mostly used in industrial exhaust systems but they are also popular in agricultural machinery, marine ventilation, furnaces, and grain drying plants.

Blast gate damper design
In order to perform their duty accurately, blast gate dampers need to be robust and durable. They are created using reliable and resistant aluminium alloy, which is protected against corrosion and offers a great strength-to-weight ratio. To make the blades, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades can be used. You can find different blast gate dampers ranging from sizes 63mm to 355mm. With us, you can select the right product for you and choose from galvanised steel blades or 316 Stainless Steel blades. The installation of blast gate dampers is a simple process that we can help you with, in case you need support.

What is the purpose of ventilation duct dampers

A ducting damper is simply a valve that aims to stop or control the airflow inside a duct, air handler, or another type of air-handling system. It can come in handy for shutting off the central air conditioning to a room that is not regularly used or to control the system to achieve room-by-room temperature and a maximum level of climate control. When choosing a ventilation duct damper, the choice will depend entirely on the purpose of the project and what you aim to achieve.

When it comes to blast duct dampers, they can be manual and pneumatic. While manual blast gates are equipped with an integral duct screw that is used to turn and lock the gate into position, a pneumatic blast gate damper functions automatically. The manual blast gate damper allows for the airflow to be either partially or entirely cut off in order to balance the air flowing to different machines. On the other hand, the pneumatic damper relies on an electric solenoid to control the compressed airflow and either open or close the pneumatic cylinders.

If you need any help or guidance in choosing the right blast gate damper, you can rely on our professional and experienced employees to provide valuable information and support that will help you achieve your objectives.

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