Dektites are used for flashing ducting, pipes & flues on various types of roofs. They are designed to create a watertight and weatherproof seal around the pipe, ensuring that there are no potential gaps for water to enter.

The flexible aluminium band around the edge of the Dektite flashing can be formed around profiled and corrugated roofs.

For where pipes get hot, red silicone Dektite flashings are high temperature flashers and can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C.

Dektites have a number of useful features including:

They are flexible sleeves - this means that they can form a seal around all profiles with ease
They have a low-profile design - this makes them easy to fit in any space
Bonded aluminium flange
They have a large base area - this reduces & diverts rain water & enables them to be strong & flexible
They create a weather-tight seal - this means that they’re effective & that there’s no need for silicone sealant
They can be easily installed - there is no need for soldering, special tools or particular expertise
They are resistant to the weather & UV radiation - they are manufactured from EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer),specifically compounded to give exceptional resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light, and water
They can fit a wide range of pipe sizes - this means that they’re the best choice for most installations
They can be used for hot & cold flues & ducts - because they can cover a range of temperatures, they’re useful for a wider range of applications
They are useful for new & retrofit installations - you’ll get a sealed installation, wherever they go
They can be used on tiled or clad roofs - they’re robust
They can be used on flat or pitched roofs - you don’t need to worry whether they’ll work
They can create a seal around any profile - they’re flexible & make things easy
They come with a 20 year warranty - you can install them & forget about them

Dektite Flashing Suppliers

As Dektite flashing suppliers, we offer flashings to seal any penetration you may have. As experts in ducting and as who are experienced in the specification & installation of dektites, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have in order to help you get your order right & to stay safe & compliant.

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