Express Duct 30 Degree Bends

If you’re undertaking a ducting project, you’ll find our clipped ducting solutions will save you time & energy. Here, we offer high-quality, long-lasting, and easy-to-use 30 degree bends for use in clipped ducting systems. You can choose from a range of diameters from 80 to 500 millimeters. All of our 30-degree bend ducts are made of high-quality galvanized steel. They give you the opportunity to quickly and simply alter the direction of airflow in your duct run. They are easily installed & removed & can be fitted in seconds. A 30-degree bend is an excellent option for applications like waste management, particle and fume collection and extraction and wood joinery waste extractions systems.

Why you might need a 30 degree elbow

The 30-degree elbow was designed with the aim of providing a smoother bore to ensure optimal airflow. Elements from a clipped ducting system can help you save time and make the replacement of parts a quick and easy process. Ducting elbows are easy to maintain because they can be added or disassembled in seconds. Because of the use of quick clamps, a tight seal is created, maximizing airflow & minimizing the danger of leaks. The results: better flow or air and minimal risks of problems - these are two important elements in the long-term cost-effectiveness of a ducting system.

If you've never worked with a 30-degree elbow before or aren't sure what size you need, give us a call and one of our experts will assist you. Our specialists can provide expert assistance whenever necessary.

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