Inline Duct Heaters

What an Inline Duct Heater Can Do For You

If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable air duct heater, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a variety of circular duct heaters and can offer something for every project. From 100 diameter electric inline duct heaters to 315mm diameter products, we have you covered. With male spigots for easy connection into standard spiral duct runs, an inline duct heater can help you to keep the fresh air supply in HVAC systems warm and heated to a desired temperature.

What are circular duct heaters?

Circular electric duct heaters or inline duct heaters have one main purpose - to heat ventilated air provided to spaces, rooms, and areas with separately managed temperatures. The product also has the capability to heat a whole building, providing that the system has been appropriately designed and installed by professionals. Another way that circular electric duct heaters are used is to reheat the supply air found in ventilation units that have heat recovery.

Why use inline duct heaters?

Inline duct heaters are suitable for use with a thermostat or Thyristor control. You can enjoy the benefits of an electronic flow monitor allowing you to manage the output air stream temperatures within a range of between + and - 1ºc.

By making use of a time proportions thyristor pulse control, this air duct heater can allow the perfect amount of energy to flow through to match the desired temperature. This leads to significant energy savings in the long run, which could decrease the monthly bills. When used for your ducting, the technique can also answer and adjust to fluctuations in airflow and input temperature without the necessity of overshooting. It’s restricted only by the temperature sensor’s quality.

How are they used?

You can use the inline duct heaters for pre-heating fresh air, pre-heating air from a heat exchanger, heating a room or certain indoor space, and controlling separate room temperature without affecting the entire building.

Choose a Reliable Electric Duct Heater

If you’re wondering about which electric duct heater is suitable for you, get in touch with our trained and experienced experts for professional guidance and advice. With our electrical circular duct heaters, you can expect a safe heat transfer via the use of electricity. You are protected against electric shocks even if you touch the elements, which makes your work a lot easier and safer. You can install the heater in the direction you desire via safety cut-outs positioned at the upper part of the unit.

When it comes to airflow, you can choose horizontal or vertical. The Terminal box could be on either the side or the top of the duct. Keep in mind that it’s vital to make sure the thermal cut out is positioned correctly and is near the top of the duct. In the ideal case, the air will be evenly spread across the duct and the velocity will be higher than 2.5m/s. If this is not the case, it’s advisable to reduce the size of your duct in order to increase the velocity.

To make sure that there is constantly an appropriate airflow going through the heater when it’s turned on and working, it’s best to make sure you have installed the appropriate control scheme. A timer will help you ensure the fan continues working for two minutes once the heater has been turned off. Every electric duct heater from our catalogue comes with two thermal cut-outs - automatic cuts out at 80ºc and manual cuts out at 100ºc. Both are to be connected with the operating coil of a controlling contractor in order to provide a switch off.

With years of experience on the market, our experts are happy to help with any questions you may have regarding the choice of a circular duct heater.

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