Rectangular Ducting

Rectangular ducting is suitable for short, simple duct runs. Rectangular plastic ducting has the advantage of taking up less height than circular ducting so is often preferred when working with restricted or tighter space.

The rectangular plastic tube is particularly appropriate for most household, commercial and light industrial applications which require lower extraction rates such as bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms. It is designed to be airtight and easy to fit to a range of different fittings such as bends, connectors, reducers, transformers and grilles. Please note that it is important to keep the amount of bends in your ventilation system to a minimum to increase airflow.

Manufactured in white PVC plastic, rectangular duct is available in three standard rectangular plastic ducting sizes 110x54mm, 204x60mm and 220x90mm. The standardisation of diameters also allows easy fitting to ventilation equipment, ducting, grilles and extractor fans. If you require larger sizes we recommend that you use metal spiral ducting and fittings due to their stronger properties.

Rigid ducting

When considering rigid ducting you might want to think about the pros and cons. There are various advantages to using rigid plastic ducting some of these are:

  • Lightweight - plastic ducting is a lot lighter than galvanised steel ducting.
  • Easy to install - due to the weight, rectangular plastic ducting is easy to install.
  • Smooth internal bore - to reduce airflow resistance and increase efficiency of your ventilation system.
  • Saves space - rectangular ducting can be installed in tight spaces and small ceiling voids because of it’s flat shape.
  • Easy to cut - no special tools are needed to cut plastic ducting. It can be easily cut to size using a hacksaw or similar.
  • Does not corrode over time - PVC ducting is often used when there is a higher risk of corrosion i.e. fumes from chemicals.
  • Duct insulations can be applied - if your duct run travels through a cold area, such a loft, duct insulation can be easily applied to the inside of rectangular plastic ducting to avoid condensation on the inside of your ventilation system.

Please feel free to call, email or chat with us online to discuss whether rigid ducting would be the right choice for your ventilation system. If you have questions about the technical data or installation of rectangular plastic ducting, then as experienced suppliers of rectangular ducting, we are here to help.

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