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Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans

What are Bifurcated Axial Flow Fans?

Bifurcated fans, also known as BIF fans, are cased inline axial fans with the motor outside of the airflow, available in sizes ranging from 250mm to 630mm diameter. 

The motor in a bifurcated fan does not come into contact with the airstream as the electrical motor is placed in a separate chamber, central to the fan casing, so that the air flows around the motor chamber. This allows some models of bifurcated fans to operate at temperatures up to 200⁰C.

As the motor is out of the air stream and cooled by air, the running temperature of the motor is reduced, generally prolonging the life of the fan. The impellers are generally made from high quality die cast aluminium and have an adjustable pitch, the impellers are factory set for maximum performance and dynamically balanced during the manufacturing process. The fan casings are made from sheet steel and galvanised to ensure greater corrosion resistance.

Our bifurcated fans are made by Elta, one of the worlds largest fan manufacturers. We offer two types of BIF fans; the conical axial fan and the cylindrical axial flow fan. The conical type range bifurcated axial flow fans have sizes ranging from 250mm diameter to 315mm diameter, these are available with either 4 pole single phase or 2 pole 3 phase and 400mm diameter and 500mm diameter in 2 pole 3 phase.The cylindrical bifurcated fans are available in 3 phase only with sizes 400mm, 500mm & 630mm diameter.

Features and Benefits of Elta Bifurcated Axial Fans

  • Suitable for operating temperatures up to +200°C
  • Available in sizes from 250mm to 630mm diameter
  • Can be used in applications where grease, abrasive 
  • Adjustable pitch impellers
  • Weather resistant - suitable for external mounting
  • Where are Bifurcated axial flow fans used?

These axial flow fans are used in situations where it is important that the motor is kept out of the airstream due to the type or temperature of the gases/fumes involved.

Directly driven axial fans have their motors in the airflow, which can have its advantages and disadvantages. Whilst the moving air cools the motor, if there is high temperature or corrosive elements present, then it would be desirable for the motor to be outside.

Typical bifurcated axial flow fan applications:

  • Kitchen Extracts
  • Certain Spray Booths
  • Hot Air Situations
  • Corrosive Atmospheres
  • Heavy Industrial

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