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Contra Rotating Axial Fans

S&P Contra Rotating Cased Axial Fan

The S&P cylindrical cased axial fans are fitted with aluminium impellers and manufactured from high grade rolled galvanised steel and protected against corrosion by cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish. The high pressure contra-rotating system has two complementary impellers, manufactured from die-cast aluminium, which allow the duplication of the pressure with the same air volume. The motors on this contra rotating cased axial fan are supplied with a pre-wired wiring junction box located on the outside of the fan casing for easy wiring access. All motors are IP65, Class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection with variable voltage. 

Commercial extractor fans for restaurant kitchens

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires employers to “provide effective and suitable ventilation in every enclosed workplace. This includes kitchens, which need ventilation to create a safe and comfortable working environment.”  

Significant amounts of fumes, vapours and odours are produced in catering and cooking, as well as large amounts of heat. Ventilation is necessary to remove these and discharge them to a safe external location. Commercial Kitchen Extractor fans are an integral part of this process and are designed to cope with fumes and vapours typical in commercial kitchens.

S&P Contra Rotating Case Mounted Axial Fans are commonly used in commercial kitchen extraction canopies. The contra-rotating extractor fans are a two stage axial fan which has been specifically designed to tackle higher pressure requirements for longer ductwork runs often found in larger commercial kitchens.

Accessories for Contra Rotating Axial Fans

These single-phase axial fans are fully speed controllable using fan speed controllers.

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