De-Stratification Fans

Have you been experiencing problems in regulating the temperature in your commercial or industrial space? Do you wish that there was a way that you could decrease your monthly electricity bills? Luckily, there’s a solution! Our high-quality destratification fans are here to offer an alternative that will help you save money, stress, and will guarantee your comfort in your living or working space.

What are destratification fans?

In short, destratification fans are a type of ventilation device that is predominantly used in industrial or commercial buildings. De stratification fans are designed to help you reverse the convection process that naturally occurs by recirculating hot air back to working level instead of allowing it to rise towards the ceiling of a given space. It’s a solution that is created with the purpose of complementing standard heating systems that make it impossible for warm air to remain at low levels. 

What are the benefits of destratification fans?

There are a wide range of advantages that destratification fans offer users. For starters, they deliver increased energy efficiency in large spaces or industrial buildings. They also help reduce energy consumption and costs dramatically, helping businesses save significant amounts of money from utility bills. Destratification fans are also a reliable and guaranteed way to provide comfort and convenience in the workplace for your colleagues or employees. Having a destratification fan often means that you need fewer heaters to achieve the desired temperature in a given space. They can also be used to provide a cooling effect during hot summer days. 

Here is a snapshot of the main benefits of using de stratification fans:

  • No need for so many heaters
  • Reduced energy consumption & costs
  • Better energy efficiency 
  • More comfortable working space
  • Provides a cooling effect

Choose The Right Destrat Fan For You

You can find a range of different de strat fans available ion our site for direct purchase. The CECx Calecon de-stratification fans that we provide have the benefit of a twelve months guarantee that is only applicable to parts. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll be compensated if the product is not performing as described. 

But why use a destrat fan in the first place?

Why use a destrat fan?

No matter what type of air conditioning system you choose or how expensive and modern it is, one thing is for sure. The laws of physics apply everywhere with no exceptions. This means that warm air rises up while cool air remains at lower levels. When warm air is drawn to the higher parts of a given space, this causes thermal stratification, which is completely natural and unavoidable. The hot air is brought to the ceiling or roof and pushes away cooler air, directing it downwards where people often inhabit a place. 

This is specifically problematic for factories, warehouses, and sports centres, where the buildings are usually higher than most standard residential or commercial buildings. As a result, you can notice significant temperature gradients and a lot of energy consumption in order to maintain the desired temperature. Using a destrat fan can lower energy consumption by up to 20% and dramatically reduce your monthly expenses. 

Rely on us for de strat fans of the highest quality 

We work with some of the best de strat fans available on the market. Our solutions are able to reverse the standard convection process and recirculate hot air towards the lower, working levels of a given space, offering a durable and long-lasting decrease in the temperature in the roof space and a consistent, comfortable temperature within the building. 

Give us a call and let us answer all of your questions. Our experts can help you make the right decision in your purchase of a destrat fan. 

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