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DCE - Donaldson - Unimaster UMA

DCE Donaldson Bag Filters and Filtration Solutions

Ducting Express offer an extensive range of multi pocket filter bags compatible with DCE Donaldson UMA Unimaster Baghouse Dust Collector models. 

Donaldson bag filters sizes

There are eight multi pocket filter bag sizes available to order which suit the whole range of Donaldson UMA Unimaster shaker filter unit models. The sizes available are:

UMA 40 - 9 Pockets
UMA 70 - 12 Pockets
UMA 100 - 18 Pockets
UMA 150 - 18 Pockets
UMA 250 - 29 Pockets
UMA 350 - 28 Pockets (2 x 14 pockets)
UMA 450 - 36 Pockets (2 x 18 pockets)
UMA 750 - 48 Pockets (2 x 24 pockets)

Filtration media finishes for Donaldson filters UK

Each size multi pocket filter mentioned above is available in three different finishes. Each of these have different properties to suit your processes.

  • Standard Polyester - For general dust collection, these filter bags are made from a high quality glazed polyester needlefelt.  
  • Antistatic Finish - These filters are suitable for applications where static electrical charges can build up from certain combustible dusts such as ground plastics, sugar and flour.
  • Universal Chemical Finish - This finish allows the filters to resist moisture & oil. UCF multi pocket filters are recommended when the filter bags need to be either hydrophobic (repels water) or oleophobic (repels oil).

DCE Filter Spares

As well as filter bags, Ducting Express stock a wide range of Unimaster dust collector spares. From edging strips and diaphragm rubber to eccentric assembly and shaker bar tooth (half & full). 

When do I need to replace my Donaldson bag filters?

Is your clean air outlet discharging dust? This may be due to filter damage. 

Routine inspections can help to minimize downtime and maintain optimum system performance. It is important to check your filter unit regularly and replace any damaged or torn filter bags as necessary.

Always use proper safety and protective equipment when removing contaminants and filters. Dirty filters may be heavier than they appear. Use care when removing filters to avoid personal injury and/or property damage. Turn power off and lock out all power before performing service or maintenance work. Do not operate your dust extraction filter unit with missing or damaged filters.

Need help selecting the right size or finish? Looking for genuine Donaldson company spares? Call us today on 01455 616 444. A member of our team will be able to ensure you have the correct Multi Pocket Filter bags for your Donaldson filtration solutions.

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