Dust Extraction Modification

Ducting Express were contacted by one of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies to advise on modifications to their existing dust extraction systems. 

As a world leader in setting the standards for Health & Safety, their remit was not only to ensure the dust levels were below government set work exposure limits, but to achieve the highest standard within the industry and ensure their employees are protected at all times.

Having worked at the customers’ site on numerous occasions, the team at Ducting Express had acquired a level of knowledge and understanding of their existing systems thus allowing us to easily advise on the most suitable modifications to their existing dust extraction. 

Following the initial enquiry, one of our experienced design engineers visited site to meet with the customer to discuss their latest requirements, gather information about their processes and take measurements to enable us to design a system that would exceed their expectations. 

Ducting Express’ Solution

With the information gathered from the site visit and using our previous knowledge of the customers system, we proposed to remove an existing dust extraction system and install a new Dust Extraction Filter Type 80M 2 X 11 KW with an extraction volume of 12000 M3H.

We also had to ensure that the proposed system allowed for safe removal of product from various processes including large capacity storage barrels.

Dust Extraction Layout

Installation of the new Dust Extraction System

Prior to the installation of the new filter unit, our skilled installation engineers removed the existing dust extractor to enable the new Dust extraction filter Type 80M 2 X 11kw Mec/Shake unit to be installed. The installation also involved the existing duct work being extensively modified to ensure that the new system would provide the best protection for their employees and also be compliant to HSG258 regulations.

The installed Dust Extraction Filter Type 80M 2 X 11kw Mec/Shake unit was chosen due to its features listed below:

Dust Extraction Filter 80M

  • 12000 M3h @ 10"
  • Internal Silencers
  • 80 sq.mt of Shell anti-static filter media
  • Primary NF304 polyester filter elements
  • High capacity waste collection bins with plastic bag waste collection
  • Two Top mounted motor 11kw fan sets 
  • 2 x  0.25kw shaker motor
  • 2 X 11 Kw Fully Auto Starter panel Star Delta










We then installed a second system, again to capture dust produced from their manufacturing process. This consisted of fixed extraction points and a flexible extraction arm to allow maximum access to the machines during maintenance works. 

Dust Extraction Layout

On completion of the installation the extraction system was then tested by our commission engineer who issued a full COSHH LEV certification for the system. 

Dust Extraction Filter Unit Fume extraction arm

By having the new system installed the customer can now have peace of mind that they were compliant and that their employees are safe.

If you are looking for a similar solution or have questions about how we could help with extraction in your workshop today please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team of knowledgeable design engineers would be happy to help you find the perfect solution.