Dust Extraction System - Filter Replacement

The Situation

Ducting Express were contacted by one of our existing customers as they were having problems with their existing main dust extraction filter. These problems were mainly centered around a lack of suction to their machines e.g. water ingress to the clean air chamber that houses the filter media and general wear & tear to the unit due to its age.


The Clients Objectives

Our design engineer Andy Marsh visited the customer's site to discuss various options and to ascertain if this filter unit could be refurbished or a new extractor would be required.

The filter unit and ductwork system was inspected during this site visit & it became clear why the customer was having so many issues.

The waterproof enclosure that protects the filter elements was leaking and allowing water to penetrate the filter media.

This would have a detrimental effect on the airflow performance due to the filter media becoming blinded with dust and the cleaning system unable to function correctly.

The main extraction fan had excessive vibration due to the main impeller being damaged and subsequently had then damaged the main bearings on the motor shaft.

The Solution

During subsequent discussions with the customer, it was decided that the old existing dust extraction filter would be replaced with a new Dust Extraction Filter Type 96M auto shaker unit.

A date was agreed for the new extractor to be installed; this was scheduled over a weekend to minimise the disruption to their workflow.

Our Work

Ducting Express supplied and installed a brand-new Dust Extraction Filter Type 96M with two 11kW main extraction fans with an extraction volume of 15000 m3/Hr the filter Unit is ATEX  22 compliant and has the three explosion panels to the rear of the filter unit. With three large capacity waste collection bins at the base of the filter, the system has a bin balance system that allows the use of our heavy-duty F-type plastic waste collection bags to be used to ensure an easy and safe way of managing the disposal of the waste.

On completion of installation, the new extraction filter was commissioned, and an LEV test was undertaken that provided the customer with legal documentation for their new system.

The Value To The Customer

Our customer now benefits from a system that is more efficient to run, reducing their electrical consumption, the new system has a different type of filter cleaning system, this will ensure the media is kept cleaner and the performance of the system is maintained, the need to replace the filter media will also be reduced, with the bin balance system that allows the use of plastic waste collection bags makes changing these simple and reduces the potential of waste escaping during this process.

By having the new system installed the customer now has peace of mind that they are compliant and that their employees are safe.

If you have any similar issues with out of date dust control equipment in your workshop or would like to see how Ducting Express can help with dust and fume extraction contact our team on 01455 616 444 today.