Dust Extraction System – New extraction system installation

The Situation

Ducting Express were contacted by a new customer who needed a completely new extraction system fitting. They have just begun a process of sack tipping 25kg bags of powder into 1000 litre water drums which if left without any LEV in place would leave the dust and powders going into the working area.

The Clients Objectives

Our design engineer Andy Marsh visited the customer's site to discuss various options and to also fully understand the processes involved. The mixing plant was inspected, the remit was to ensure the new system would firstly control the dust but also not slow down production. During this visit, photographs and measurements were taken to enable Ducting Express to design a new dust extraction system.

New extraction system installation

The Solution

After his visit, Andy worked out the air volumes and capture distances required to control this contaminant. A design and quotation were sent to the customer for a 15M multi-pocket shaker dust extraction filter unit with 2 Kemper flexible 3-metre extraction arms. The flexible arms will allow the operator to position the capture hoods adjacent to either of the workstations and ensure the dust is removed at the nearest point and keeping the breathing zone of the operative safe and free of dust

A date was agreed for the new dust extractor to be installed

Our Work

Ducting Express supplied and installed a brand-new Dust Extraction Filter Type 15M 4kw 3400 M3H mechanical shaker unit with two Kemper flexible 3-metre extraction arms.

The unit has one large capacity waste collection bin at the base of the filter, the system has a bin balance system that allows the use of our heavy-duty F-type plastic waste collection bags to be used to ensure an easy and safe way of managing the disposal of the waste.

On completion of installation, the new extraction filter was commissioned, and an LEV test was undertaken that provided the customer with legal documentation for their new system.

The Value To The Customer

Our customer now has peace of mind that his employees are protected from exposure of dust in the workplace and that this system is compliant with HSE regulations


If you are looking for a similar dust extraction solution in your workshop or would like to see how Ducting Express can help with dust and fume extraction contact our team on 01455 616 444 today.