Dust Extraction System - Waste Management

Dust Extraction System for a Waste Management Company

Dust Extraction System for a Waste Management Company

A Waste Management company contacted Ducting Express regarding a problem with dust from their manufacturing process. An initial appointment and site survey was made to advise and quote on this problem but was put on hold as a secondary shredder was to be added to the system. Some 12 months later the second shredder was added to the conveyor system and Ducting Express were asked to re-evaluate the dust problem.

Waste Management Company Before Installing a Dust extraction System  Waste Management Company Before Installing a Dust extraction System

From the photos above you can see there was visible evidence that the customer was having issues with the build up of airborne dusts within their facility. A new dust extraction system, to remove the dust produced during the process from the shredders and bailer within the conveyor system, would need to ensure that workers are not exposed to levels of dusts according to Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) set by the HSE’s COSHH regulations.  

Prior to designing the new system our dust control designer re-visited site to meet with the customer and establish their needs. 

We then proposed a new dust extraction system comprising of steel cover plates which would enclose the main floor and baler conveyors, capture hoods to the tops of the shredders & bailer and connecting ducting to a new extraction filter.

 Waste Management Company Dust Extraction Ductwork

Enclosing the main conveyors using steel cover plates would enable us to, firstly, minimise the dust escaping from the shredder intlets and, secondly, significantly reduce the size of the dust extraction filter required. With the conveyor enclosed we would be able to create a flow through the conveyor and capture more of the airborne dust within the enclosure. The floor cover plates were fitted with lifting handles to enable openings within the enclosure whereby broken paper bales could be re-entered to the baling system. 

The new dust extraction filter unit with galvanised steel ductwork from the filter inlet will connect into a total of 5 extraction points; two extraction points at low level to the top of the cover plates next to the shredder outlets, two high level extraction points at the top of the shredder feed hoppers and one high level extraction point at the top of the bailer feed hopper.

The Dust Extraction System Installation

The installation took place over a 2 week time period  which included the final connection wiring of the control panel to the extraction unit. 

On completion of installation our commissioning engineer undertook a COSHH examination and test to provide the customer with legal documentation for their system.

Dust Extraction System Drawing

Dust Extraction at a Waste Management Company

By having the new system installed the customer can now have peace of mind that they were compliant and that their employees are safe.

If you have any similar issues with dust control in your workshop or would like to see how Ducting Express can help with dust and fume extraction contact our team on 01455 616 444 today.