Fume Extraction System – New Weld Fume Extraction System Installation

The Situation

Ducting Express were contacted by one of our LEV Test customers who manufacture wire mesh handling solutions for the logistics industry. The customer has 3 welding processes that require fume extraction. We carried out the LEV testing and the conclusion was that their system was insufficient and inadequate for controlling the welding fumes produced during their manufacturing processes. 

The Client’s Objectives

Our design engineer Andy visited the customer's site to discuss what the requirements were for their welding extraction on the 3 systems.

The client wanted to ensure that their staff were safe and that any actions they took would be compliant with health & safety regulations for local exhaust ventilation.

The remit was to control all weld fumes within the working area.

During this visit, photographs, videos and measurements were taken to enable Ducting Express to design a new fume extraction system.

The Solution

After his visit, Andy worked out the air volumes and capture distances required to capture the weld fumes. A design and quotation were sent to the customer for the 3 different systems.

System 1: This included 4 new bespoke weld extraction systems each comprising a centrifugal extraction fan, a 5 metre flexible welding extraction arm and associated ducting. The flexible arms will allow the operator to position the capture hoods directly adjacent to the source of the fumes. This will ensure the fumes are removed at the nearest point and keeping the breathing zone of the operative safe and free of welding fumes.

System 1

System 2: A new extraction fan which will discharge to atmosphere from 4 butt welding stations. Flexible ducting would have to be used on this system due to the machines movement when performing the weld, the flexible ducting will connect into the main galvanised steel spiral ducting which will pass through an external wall and rise vertically to high level, terminating with a vertical discharge Swedish weather cowl. 

System 2

System 3: Supply and install 1 new fan and associated ducting to two rod welding stations. Each station would have its own capture hood and will connect to the central ducting system.  

System 3

The client agreed with our design and a date was agreed for the new extractor to be installed.

Our Work

Ducting Express supplied and installed all 3 new systems, including a Kemper Flexible 5 metre extraction arm. This has an exhaust hood with a damper which is rotatable by 360 degree and can therefore be swivelled in all directions. Due to its interior parallelogram the exhaust arm can be brought into any desired position within its reach without any additional support.

The main system used our galvanised steel spiral ducting with the welding fumes discharging through a Swedish weather cowl.

On completion of installation, the new extraction systems were commissioned, and an LEV test was undertaken that provided the customer with legal documentation for their health & safety records.

System 1 installed  System 3 Installed

System 2 Installed

Swedish Cowl Installed


The Value To The Customer

Our customer now has peace of mind that their employees are protected from exposure of welding fumes in the workplace and that this system is compliant to HSE regulations.

Quote from the customer

“ Ducting Express completed 3 brand new extraction systems for us and from start to finish did a fantastic job.
Excellent consultation and communication throughout, aftersales support is brilliant and the fitting team did a fantastic job. Finishing before schedule and in a safe professional manner. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Ducting Express again and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a turnkey extraction solution “

If you are looking for a similar solution in your workshop or would like to see how Ducting Express can help with dust and fume extraction contact our team on 01455 616 444 today.