Lab Fume Extraction System

A coatings company contacted the team at Ducting Express to quote for a fume extraction system for a chemical preparation area in their lab.

The system would need to reduce the customer’s employees exposure to hazardous substances when mixing chemicals according to COSHH and comply with the Health & Safety Executives guidelines for controlling airborne contaminants HSG258.

Prior to quotation, our design engineer visited the customer to measure the area and discuss the processes which are taking place. Due to the chemicals being used in the process, our design engineer advised that an ATEX system would need to be installed; the extraction hood, fan and all ducting would need to be PVC plastic.

The team at Ducting Express worked together with the customer to design a suitable solution which would efficiently extract fumes out to atmosphere. The agreed solution was a fume extraction system which consisted of a new slotted type PVC extraction hood connected using PVC plastic ducting to a polypropylene extraction fan located on the roof of the lab.

Duct Layout Drawing

The system was fitted by our skilled installation team on a one day visit and on completion an LEV COSHH test was undertaken by our commissioning engineer who supplied the customer with legal compliance documentation. The customer can now have peace of mind that their employees are safely under exposure levels whilst mixing chemicals.

Lab Fume Extraction  Dartex Fume Extraction

Are you looking for a solution or have questions about how we could help with extraction in your workshop today? Please contact our team on 01455 616 444. Our team of knowledgeable design engineers would be happy to help you find the perfect solution.